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 Wall Inlet Trim Plate

Wall Inlet Trim Plate

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The Wall Inlet Valve Trim Plate is a white trim plate designed to fit under wall inlet valves. In the case of an irregular wall cut-out, the trim plate hides the cut-out edges providing a professional looking installation. Comes in Ivory or White.

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Sale Price: $2.95

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About the Wall Inlet Trim Plate

The installation of wall inlets should not be overlooked as part of the overall central vacuum system installation both for technical and esthetic considerations. Thus, homeowners have various fittings at their disposal to ensure the proper functioning of their systems as well as various others to help them achieve a clean-looking and neat installation. The latter also include the wall inlet trim plate, for instance.

This wall inlet trim plate is a great addition, making a notable contribution to the installation of central vacuum piping system in terms of layout. Designed to be mounted under the wall inlet valve, it consolidates its design and adds to its elegance by framing it while also concealing any cutting imperfections that might occur around it during the installation of the piping system. These may include, for instance, larger holes, chipped cutting edges, paint tears, paint accumulations or any other number of mishaps. Thus, the installation will appear much cleaner and professional. Finally, the elegant touch is added in various styles through the choice of color. With this trim plate, homeowners can choose between a classic white design and a more sophisticated ivory one.

As far as the compatibility issues are concerned, it should be noted that this particular model matches all standard wall inlet valves, except for those manufactured by Vacuflo. In other words, this wall inlet trim plate is designed to enhance the esthetic impact of all the wall inlet valves it assists and improve the layout of almost any wall inlet installation job.

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