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 Centra Central Vacuum Micro Filt

Centra Central Vacuum Micro Filtration Exhaust Bag

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This muffler is 6-8in long and approx. 4-6in wide. This is one of the best ways of controlling dust, odors, sound, and carbon dust from your central vacuum motor.

Centra Central Vacuum Micro Filt

Sale Price: $12.95

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Centra Central Vacuum Micro Filtration Exhaust Bag Description

This popular muffler exhaust bag is known in the industry as an exhaust filtration bag. This Centra central vacuum exhaust bag captures the most minute of pollutants that escape out of a central vacuum. With many layers of filtration, dirt stands no chance of escaping, turning your garage or basement a healthy environment to live in. This muffler will not emit dust particles and carbon dust, where a standard muffler will. If your environment has to be a dust free environment such as a pantry room, closet, basement, garage, or any place you're storing your central vacuum, choose this new Centra vacuum micro filtration exhaust bag and you'll not regret it.

This muffler can be installed upright, sideways or downward, and is adaptable to any central vacuum pipe exhausting from your central vacuum motor. This filtration bag is a popular seller among builders, and most professional installers will recommend this type of central vacuum muffler/filtration bag.

You'll know when this filter has to be changed. It starts off white, and as it progresses to black, it will visibly show you it needs to be changed. This filter also traps the majority of smell and foul odors that typically central vacuums emit. This Centra central vacuum muffler/bag can be installed with a clamp or friction fit and needs to be changed once every 2-3 years.

Product stock number: FI-3000

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