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Hayden Cylinder Muffler 6in

Sound Off Hayden Cylinder Muffler 6in

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This muffler system can work on any central vacuum in the industry today. This is a popular muffler used by manu manufactuers which compliments a central vacuum, new or old. This muffler is typically located on the exhaust port of the unit/motor of a central vacuum. Round cylinder shape.

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Sale Price: $12.95

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About the Hayden Cylinder Muffler 6in

Installed on the power unit, for noise reduction during vacuum. This muffler is open on two ends. The diameter of the opening fits a universal 2-inch PVC schedule 20 central vacuum pipe. Another name this call this filter is an inline muffler. This central vacuum muffler is made of a rugged ABS resin material, and is made to reduce sound levels caused from the central vacuum system.

You can attach this muffler to the exhaust of your central vacuum system by either gluing the ends, or using a clamp style device to secure it on the piping system. Extremely easy to install.

This short muffler has an acoustic foam insert that absorbs sound and vibration, which internally lowers the decibel level of a central vacuum.

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