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 Sound Off Muffler Kit

Sound Off Muffler Kit

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This type of muffler system, when attached to the exhaust of a central vacuum unit, helps lower the decibel (sound) level without compromising performance. It contains an acoustic sound-suppressing foam. This muffler is compatible with any model or make central vacuum ever made, so there's no worries wondering if it'll fit. Also helps reduce motor vibrating and exhaust noise.

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About the Sound Off Muffler Kit

The Sound Off Muffler Kit is one of the most popular mufflers sold on the market today. It's made up of an ABS resin material which withstands normal temperatures caused by central vacuums.

This particular Sound-Off central vacuum muffler helps reduce decibel levels that exhaust out of a central vacuum unit. This muffler can literally reduce noise levels up to 12%. Black in color and opening on two sides which accomidates standard schedule 20 PVC pipe, making it easy to install. 2 45-degree elbows come in this kit to angle the muffler upright or downward.

This muffler kit is one that most professional installers use to help reduce the sound of a central vacuum, making it aesthetically pleasing.

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