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 Exhaust Muffler Bird Shield

Exhaust Muffler Bird Shield

Sale Price: 19.95

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This muffler shield is to fit over a pre-existing outside central vacuum exhaust vent. This product installs quickly and easily, it should take no more than 10 minutes to install. Just pre-drill 4 holes after lining the shield up on the wall and secure it with 4 standard screws. Materials needed: power drill, screws.

Exhaust Muffler Bird Shield

Sale Price: $19.95

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Exhaust Muffler Bird Shield Description

The Central Vacuum Exhaust Vent Deflector helps prevent birds, rodents, and other animals from entering your home through the central vacuum pipes. Also serves as a weather protector by covering and deflecting rain, sleet, snow, and UV rays from the Sun. It installs in seconds and couldn't be easier, it simply covers your existing central vacuum vent outside.
This central vacuum exhaust muffler shield is made of a durable ABS resin material, and withstands weather and other outdoor elements.
3" x 4" Universal Cover - Fits All Vents

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