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 Top-Hat Intake Muffler

Top-Hat Intake Muffler

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Known in the industry as a top hat muffler, it helps cool and quiet the intake motor when it's sucking in air. It lowers the irritating noise level. Typically found on Hayden® and older NuTone® central vacuums, usually on the top of the central vacuum unit. Also acts as a filter by preventing any dust from entering the motor, and prevents motor burn-out and vibrations. Designed for Hayden and Nutone units. Reduces motor noise while preventing dust from entering the motor.

Top-Hat Intake Muffler

Sale Price: $9.95

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High Frequency Top-Hat Intake Muffler Description

This central vacuum intake muffler is made of an ABS resin material and withstands heat and age. A muffler of this kind fits certain manufacturers taht have a vent on top of the vacuum. This muffler reduces sound and vibration, more or less caused by the motor in a central vacuum canister. The vents on top of this high hat central vacuum muffler allow the motor to cool itself. Inside this muffler you'll find sound suppressing acoustic material that absorbs sounds. This muffler can be attached by self-adhesive tape, or pre-drilled screws. This muffler typically is used on Hayden® and older NuTone® central vacuums.

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