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 2 in Reducer Coupling

Central Vacuum 2 in Reducer Coupling

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Adapts your 1 3/4 inch outside diameter pipe to fit 2 inch outside diameter pipe.

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Sale Price: $2.45

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About the 2 in Reducer Coupling for Central Vacuum

Central vacuum owners often need to integrate pipes of various sizes into their central vacuum piping systems, so it is important to select the right components to make the pipe transitions needed. This is where a reducer coupling (or a pipe adaptor as they are also called) comes into play. The 2 in Reducer Coupling enables central vacuum users to join pipe lengths of different diameters to form a single continuous pipe line. The 2 in Reducer Coupling allows the connection of a pipe section with an outside diameter of 1 3/4 inches to one with an outside diameter of 2 inches.

Note: This coupling is commonly used for Kenmore pipes.

Simple in design, this 2 in Reducer Coupling is made of PVC, thus providing an ideal mix of durability, strength and cost effectiveness. PVC, or polyvinyl chlorine, is a common choice with central vacuum pipe fittings for it also lowers the risk of corrosion, rust or salt damage. Thus, they can be used for a wide range of central vacuum applications, from aquaculture to irrigation and many more. In addition to this, PVC fittings are much smoother on the inside than their metal counterparts, which is actually one of the conditions for a proper airflow.

In short, PVC adapters are recommended for any number of applications where durability is a factor and therefore, the 2 in Reducer Coupling can prove a good choice in a variety of situations which involve a transition from 1 3/4-inch to 2-inch pipe sections.

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