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 45 Degree 3-Way

Central Vacuum 45 Degree 3-Way

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The 45 Degree 3-Way is a white 2-inch PVC coupling specifically designed to have low internal surface friction for air handling use in central vacuum system applications.
Low internal surface air friction

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Sale Price: $1.10

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About the Central Vacuum 45 Degree 3-Way

This central vacuum 45 Degree 3-Way fitting is an easy-to-use coupling that addresses the needs of central vacuum owners seeking to connect three different pipe runs within their piping system. Designed to be fitted on standard PVC tubing, which consists of pipes with 2-inch external diameters, it has good physical features and it is a highly effective installation component.

The design of the 45 Degree 3-Way fitting is very simplistic yet extremely effective. Allowing two pipe lines to enter a straight one at angles of 45 degrees, it aims at both a proper airflow and long-term resistance. The white appearance of this fitting hides a PVC composition which not only lasts over a long period of time but also lies at the basis of some very practical features this component has. Its light weight is one of the features worth mentioning for it is also one of the details that make the coupling very easy to use in spaces that are less accessible. The air friction is not overlooked either, the internal surface being thought out so as to improve the airflow. Thus, the inside of the coupling is adjusted in order to allow very little friction between the air and the material it is made of. This results in improved airflow control during the use of the central vacuum system, regardless of its nature.

All these features and design characteristics recommend the central vacuum 45 Degree 3-Way as a high-quality installation component that can meet various pipe connection needs of central vacuum users in a highly practical manner.

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