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 45 Degree Short Elbow

45 Degree Short Elbow

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The 45-degree Short Elbow Fitting is a white 2-inch PVC coupling specifically designed to have low internal surface friction for air handling use in central vacuum system applications.
Short fitting for 45-degree connection of two central vacuum 2-inch PVC pipes
Low internal surface air friction

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Sale Price: $1.20

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About the 45 Degree Short Elbow

The central vacuum 45 Degree Short Elbow can prove to be a very useful installation component when dealing with PVC pipes and obstructions of any kind need to be avoided. As the name suggests, its design enables the central vacuum user to deviate the pipe run by 45 degrees according to their needs. Should the situation require it, two such components can be joined together to make a 90-degree turn in the piping layout in tight areas.

The design of the central vacuum 45 Degree Short Elbow reveals a short pipe fitting with two similar ends which can accommodate two PVC pipes measuring two inches in the outside diameter. Forming a straight line, it allows the air to pass through the pipes smoothly. In fact, the passage of air is also facilitated by the internal surface of the fitting, which is designed to limit the friction between the two in order for a proper airflow to be obtained in all applications of central vacuum systems.

Similarly to the pipes it accommodates, this central vacuum 45 Degree Short Elbow is also made of polyvinyl chlorine, commonly known as PVC, and therefore, it maintains their increased durability. This stands out as one of the main characteristics of PVC components, seconded by their light weight. This 45 Degree Short Elbow, for instance, weighs only 0.08 pounds. Finally, with the 45 Degree Short Elbow for central vacuum systems, the physical properties resulting from a good choice of the manufacturer material and the overall effective design all shape an installation component that is easy to use and very useful.

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