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 45 Degree Wye Fitting

Central Vacuum 45 Degree Wye Fitting

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The 45-degree "Y" Fitting is a white 2-inch PVC coupling specifically designed to have low internal surface friction for air handling use in central vacuum system applications. With this fitting two PVC pipes connect through a straight coupling with a third entering at a 45-degree angle.
45-degree "Y" fitting with straight connection for two 2-inch PVC pipes plus a third pipe connection entering at a 45-degree angle
Low internal surface air friction

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Sale Price: $2.45

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About the Central Vacuum 45 Degree Wye Fitting

The central vacuum 45 Degree Wye Fitting is the ideal piece for central vacuum owners who want to connect two pipe lines into a single one. Thus, a straight line formed by two pipes can be seconded by a third pipe. As its name suggests, this 45 Degree Wye Fitting will connect the two runs at an angle of 45 degrees.

The central vacuum 45 Degree Wye Fitting can be mounted on standard PVC pipes, which measure two inches in diameter (the outside diameter), and it is also made of polyvinyl chlorine. This choice of material brings along an extended life expectancy of the fitting, increased durability being one of the major advantages with this particular material. Moreover, it gives the fitting a highly convenient light weight which makes it both practical and easy to handle. The airflow is not overlooked either when it comes to the design of the 45 Degree Wye Fitting, with the internal surface playing the decisive role in its proper control. This surface is designed to keep the friction that occurs between the air and itself at a low level. Thus, better control of the airflow is achieved at all times, regardless of the central vacuum system application.

Available in a white design, the central vacuum 45 Degree Wye Fitting is an elegant yet highly practical solution which provides more flexibility as far as the layout of the piping system fitted on a central vacuum cleaning system is concerned by joining various pipe lines in a highly convenient manner.

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