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 90 Degree Sweep Spigot

Central Vacuum 90 Degree Sweep Spigot

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The 90 Degree Sweep Spigot is a white 2-inch PVC male-to-female coupling specifically designed to have low internal surface friction for air handling use in central vacuum system applications. This fitting connects pipe to the female connection of another fitting.
Short fitting for 90-degree sweep connection of a central vacuum 2-inch PVC pipe to another female fitting Low internal surface air friction

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Sale Price: $1.70

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About the Central Vacuum 90 Degree Sweep Spigot

This central vacuum 90-degree sweep elbow spigot fitting, also known as a central vacuum 90-degree street elbow fitting, is designed to be used with PVC tubing systems consisting of pipes with an outside diameter of two inches. However, it does not connect two such pipes directly, being designed as a male-to-female coupling. Thus, its male end requires that another coupling with a female end be fitted on the pipe as well for the connection to the possible. This kind of fitting is usually required for the installation of various mufflers on central vacuum cleaning systems. It should also be noted that this component should only be mounted at the mounting bracket, any other position increasing the risk of clogging.

Apart from this particular detail, this 90-degree sweep elbow spigot fitting for central vacuum cleaners has features that are similar to other fittings designed for use with PVC pipes. Available in a white color and small in size, it maintains the PVC composition usually encountered with such pipe fittings and therefore sets itself apart as a highly durable item. It is also highly convenient in terms of weight, reaching no more than 0.12 pounds. In addition to this, it facilitates the circulation of the air during various applications of central vacuum systems, the internal surface being designed to reduce the friction with the air to very low levels.

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