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 Central Vacuum 2x2 Adapter Fitting

Central Vacuum 2x2 Adapter Fitting

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If in the event your house was "roughed in" with 2 inch plumbing PVC, this is the adaptor to convert to central vacuum elbows, pipe, and fittings. Available Only in White

Important Note:  We do not encourage anyone to use plumbing PVC in any form when installing a central vacuum. You should be using central vacuum approved/certified piping and elbows.

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Sale Price: $2.95

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About the Central Vacuum 2x2 Adapter Fitting

If you need to connect any elbows, pipes, or fittings, this is the adaptor for you. Some homes are built with plumbing PVC that does not contain the final connections. This is typically found in homes that are awaiting the approval of a plumbing inspector.

If you find that the PVC in your home plumbing is in this state and cannot convert to standard central vacuum elbows, pipes, and/or fittings, then we recommend making this simple purchase to acheive these, often, necessary connections.

If you have any questions at all, feel free to call us at 1.800.322.2965

ThinkVacuums offers a large variety of pipes & fittings as well as central vacuum systems, parts, and more.

Schedule 40 VS. Schedule 20

There has been a lot of controversy over the differentiation between plumbing PVC (Schedule 40) and central vacuum PVC (Schedule 20) and their use with central vacuum systems over the years. However, today, most central vacuum manufacturers agree that the former poses a variety of risks and therefore should not be used for central vacuum piping purposes. Unfortunately, many are still misinformed, but fittings like this Central Vacuum 2x2 Adapter Fitting come to their rescue.

By comparison, Schedule 40 plumbing PVC fittings are both thicker and larger than their Schedule 20 PVC counterparts, but neither of these features provides an advantage in terms of performance or airflow. In fact, they cause the pipe radius to be smaller, which leads to a restricted airflow. As a consequence to this, the use of so-called adaptors equates to an increased risk of clogging. Schedule 20 PVC fittings, on the other hand, allow a better circulation of the air through their sweeping elbows and smooth internal surface. Therefore, in terms of airflow, the Schedule 20 PVC is recommended. However, Schedule 40 PVC does have the characteristics needed to ensure a better waterflow (Although this information is not needed for the central vacuum industry). The Central Vacuum 2x2 Adapter Fitting is absolutely your best bet.

The need for harmonization in terms of sizing and the requirements of commercial and residential uses alike have led to the development of standards and regulations and thus to the promotion of Schedule 20 PVC as the right choice for piping systems. Therefore, the Central Vacuum 2x2 Adapter Fitting provides a solution for those looking to replace their piping, fittings and elbows with central vacuum certified ones.

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