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 Vacuum Gauge

Central Vacuum Gauge

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Used for checking the vacuum level throughout the central vacuum system
Gauge measures 0 to 160 inches-of-water
Rubber adapter fits 2-inch pipe and wall inlet valves
Check your system more frequently if you own pets

Never use plumbing pvc when installing a central vacuum

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Sale Price: $46.95

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About the Central Vacuum Gauge

Users of central vacuum systems can benefit a lot from the purchase of a central vacuum suction gauge. More precisely, this tool enables them to keep a constant eye on any variances that might occur in their central vacuum systems and therefore to compare their systems to the new ones proposed by the profile market on a regular basis.

Equipped with a rubber adapter which allows its attachment to wall inlet valves and pipes with a standard two-inch outside diameter, this tool is designed to measure the suction registered at the level of the vacuum unit, the wall inlet or the hose end. The returned values will range between 0 and 160 inches of water lift, with drops indicating a problem somewhere in the system. Thus, the central vacuum suction gauge helps central vacuum system owners identify clogs, leaks, broken pipes, motor issues as well as a number of other technical problems that might affect the system’s vacuum performance. Once the cause of impairment has been identified, they can proceed to the repair of their central vacuum system in order to achieve the levels of cleanliness desired.

According to experts, hose end suction measurements should be performed at least once every twelve months. Also, it should be noted that pet owners are advised to measure the suction levels registered by their central vacuum systems at all three levels on a more frequent basis than regular individuals because of the higher vacuuming demands their systems have to meet.

ThinkVacuums offers pipe fittings, central vacuum systems, parts, and more. If you need help installing your central vacum call us today: 1.800.322.2965.

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