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How to Install Your Central Vacuum System: Install DVD

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Length: 17 1/2 Minutes
Language: English or Spanish
Need to know how to install a central vacuum system or lay it all out? This installation DVD takes you through the basics of installing low voltage as well as electrical valves. In addition it also helps with tips on connecting pipe and fittings as well as common mistakes in installation.

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Sale Price: $19.97

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About the Central Vacuum Install DVD

Lots of people decide they want to install a central vacuum system in their home and also to handle the installation themselves in order to save money, but once in front of the installation act find themselves clueless as to how they should proceed. This Central Vacuum Install DVD helps them out by providing them with a few basic tips on various topics related to central vacuum systems.

DIY enthusiasts can find a lot of very useful information on this Install DVD in the form of both instructions on how to perform various tasks and mistakes to be avoided when taking them up on a DIY basis. Whether you need help with installing electric or non-electric inlet valves or connecting pipes and/or fittings, this Install DVD has 17.5 minutes every topic you will need to install your central vacuum system.

The topics provided in this Central Vacuum Install DVD are available both in English and Spanish so that you can learn how to install your system regardless of your language. Moreover, it is structured and formulated in such a way that the installation instructions are clear to anyone who purchases the DVD seeking assistance. Therefore, it serves as a proper introduction guide for everyone keen on equipping their home with a central vacuum system.

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