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 Firestop Collar

Firestop Collar

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The Firestop Collar expands quickly (up to 60x) to seal off burning pipes, has a high performance without the high price, and is extremely economical!

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Sale Price: $24.95

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About the Firestop Collar

The SpecSeal® Firestop Collar is a factory-manufactured device designed to protect plastic pipes penetrating fire-rated walls and floors. Utilizing a heavy gauge galvanized metal collar to house a molded intumescent insert, the SpecSeal® Collar is specifically sized to fit 1-1/2", 2", 3", 4", and 6" trade sized pipes.

This product utilizes STI’s patented two-stage intumescent technology, providing a very responsive and highly directionalized expansion. Expansion is extremely fast, providing quick closure for burning combustible pipes.

When exposed to temperatures in excess of 250°F (121° C), the SpecSeal® Collar’s molded insert begins to expand (intumesce) rapidly to form a dense, highly insulative char. Its free expansion ranges from 16-24 times original (pre-expanded) volume. Expansion continues up to 1,000° F.

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