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 Original Motor Safety Valve

Original Motor Safety Valve

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The Nutone 360BG Standard Inlet is guaranteed for life.The Motor Safety Valve is an air relief system designed to protect your motor from damage caused by blockage. When a clog or blockage occurs, the valve will open to allow air flow to the motor, preventing a motor burn out and extending the life of your central vacuum motor. A motor can burn
out within minutes if a clog or blockage occurs.This is the equivalent of a collapsed lung for a human!

Original Motor Safety Valve


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Why Choose the Motor Fire Safety Valve?

  • Made of rugged ABS plastic
  • Not a cheap made counterfeit like the imitatiors
  • Larger openings then other models for better air flow
  • Much tighter seal for better ventilation
  • Works ALL the time and not half the time like others
  • Prevents motor burn out
  • Made with rugged ABS plastic
  • Allows cooling air to the motor when a clog occurs
  • Includes the Sweep 90 Tee
  • It's very easy to install
  • Years of protection
  • Great for homes with pet hair!

Why Not Choose a Generic Version?

  • Poor air flow
  • Only works some of the time
  • Leaks air
  • Cannot adjust air flow
  • Easily melts making it insufficient

Installation Instructions:

  1. The valve should be installed into a sweep 90 tee (included) prior to where the pipe enters the central vacuum unit (see above image). The valve can sit either horizontally or vertically, as position does not affect it's operation. Please ensure that the valve is mounted securely regardless of its position.

  2. The valve must be set for the size of the motor in order for it to provide the proper protection. To set the valve, tighten the adjuster nut to compress the spring to the point where the valve will not open when the air flow is cut off 100%.

  3. Once you reach the point where the valve will not open, turn the adjuster nut back 1 complete turn (360 degrees). This setting should allow the valve to open and provide cooling air into the system if a blockage occurs. Sometimes a turn of 360 degrees may not be sufficient to open the valve and allow cooling air to enter - so make minor adjustments moving the nut up and down until you reach the point where the vent opens when the air flow is cut off 100%.

  4. The valve should remain closed if the central vacuum is operating normally. The valve should ONLY open when there is insufficient air flow to the central vacuum unit.

  5. The valve is equipped with the lock nut which should be set against the adjuster nut. This will ensure that the valve tension setting remains constant. The valve is designed to be maintenance free and will provide many years of trouble free operation.

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