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 Deluxe Muffler Exhaust Vent

Deluxe Muffler Exhaust Vent

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This muffler exhaust vent is commonly found in the central vacuum industry, and is used by professional installers for the last 20 years. Not recommended for direct sunlight or winter conditions.

Deluxe Muffler Exhaust Vent

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Deluxe Muffler Exhaust Vent Description

A central vacuum exhaust vent can be a great asset for central vacuum owners concerned with little critters reaching into their piping system. Of course, the chances of this happening are rather limited. However, taking precautions in this sense can cause no harm. Moreover, there is also an esthetic aspect involved with this installation component.

The central vacuum exhaust vent terminates the exhaust system of the central vacuum cleaner. Therefore, it is mounted on the exterior wall of the home in order for the exhaust products to be released to the outside. The louver it features remains closed whenever the central vacuum system is not in use to block the access of foreign objects or substances. These include anything from insects to rain. Once the central vacuum cleaner is turned on, the louver opens to allow the exhaust air to exit the home.

This vent connects to the exhaust pipes of the central vacuum cleaner. As for its mounting on the wall, four screw slots can be identified in the four corners of the component. Made of PVC, it is a perfect match for exhaust pipes made of PVC or even steel. On an esthetic level, the white finish this central vacuum exhaust vent comes in conveys a very elegant touch. Thus, once mounted on the wall, it gives the whole central vacuum exhaust system an additional touch of elegance and a more professional appearance at the same time. Therefore, it is designed to make a significant contribution not only on a practical level but on an esthetic one as well.

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