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 Pipe Cap Fitting

Central Vacuum Pipe Cap Fitting

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The Pipe Cap Fitting is a 2-inch inside diameter white PVC cap. This cap can be used to seal off central vacuum system piping in new or retrofit applications.

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Sale Price: $1.20

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About the Central Vacuum Pipe Cap Fitting

This central vacuum Pipe Cap Fitting (also known as pipe slip clap) has an inside diameter of two inches to fit standard two-inch PVC pipes, which are the most commonly encountered with central vacuum cleaning systems. The inside diameter of the cap and the outside diameter of the PVC pipe being the same, the cap seals off the pipe, thus preventing the extension of the pipe line. In addition to this, it serves to block the access of foreign objects into the pipe, which often occurs prior to the mounting of the inlet valve.

Thanks to a well-chosen design, this Pipe Cap Fitting serves its sealing purposes very well despite its small dimensions and its light weight of only 0.01 pounds. Its layout is agreeable too, with the white finish adding an elegant touch to the entire piping system it is fitted on. The durability of such installation components also plays an important role with central vacuum system applications. Therefore, the material the Pipe Cap Fitting is made of is also worth looking at. In this case, it is the same polyvinyl chlorine commonly known as PVC, which guarantees a high resistance of the component over time.

All in all, the Pipe Cap Fitting provides a proper sealing option, whether used for new applications or retrofit ones. With a simplistic look and made of a durable material, it is designed to meet any short or long-term sealing needs users of PVC piping systems consisting of two-inch pipes may have.

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