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Central Vacuum Pipe Cutter

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Made of heavy duty ABS. Simply slides over 2 inch outside diameter vacuum pipe and with a couple of turns you have a clean, perfect cut with no frayed edges. Try to avoid using a hack-saw, this can cut your time in half and eliminates problems.

Never use plumbing pvc when installing a central vacuum.

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Sale Price: $27.95

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About the Central Vacuum Pipe Cutter

Although seemingly irrelevant, pipe cuts can make quite an impression both professionally and esthetically. Not only do they add a more professional touch to the central vacuum piping system installation job, but can also simplify it greatly by allowing perfect fits between the various pieces that compose it. Therefore, a high-quality central vacuum pipe cutter can prove to be quite an asset.

Designed to be used with PVC pieces of tubing measuring two inches in the outer diameter, this central vacuum pipe cutter operates in a fast and clean way. The secret lies in the fact that it applies significant pressure to the pipe on account of its heavy duty ABS design and thus manages to provide a clean cut within a couple of turns only. Apart from a high level of precision, the heavy duty ABS design also guarantees an extended life expectancy of the item. As for the blades that perform the actual cut, they can be adjusted according to the needs for an even better cutting performance.

All these features make the central vacuum pipe cutter much more effective than the traditional hack-saw, which not only delivers frayed edges but also requires a much more significant time investment. In addition to this, these features are all wrapped together in a highly effective design based on an ideal price-quality ratio as well as in a simple design which also allows DIY enthusiasts to perform various pipe cutting tasks whenever necessary.

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