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 Pipe Strap

Central Vacuum Pipe Strap

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Attaches central vacuum pipe to mounting surface
Wire trap clip retains low-voltage central vacuum system control wire
Makes a professional, clean-looking, piping system and control wire installation

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About the Central Vacuum Pipe Strap

The central vacuum pipe strap (also known as the Hub Strap) is an essential component when it comes to attaching any number of pieces of central vacuum system piping to wooden stubs, trusses, joists or any similar mounting surfaces. This central vacuum pipe strap is to be used with PVC pipes with an outside diameter of two inches, which is the standard size with this type of piping. The same PVC composition is maintained in the manufacture of this installation component, which thus meet the same high standards in terms of durability.

As for the design of this pipe strap for central vacuum systems, one of the particularities lies in the wire trap which can be identified on the lateral side. This is actually a plastic clip which fulfills the tasks of a wire trap. More specifically, it is designed to keep the low-voltage central vacuum control wire that crosses the pipe in place. There are also two holes which can be identified on the edges of the pipe strap, which is where the screws are to be fitted to secure the pipe when mounted on the mounting surface, whatever it may be.

With a simplistic yet practical design, this central vacuum pipe strip enables central vacuum users to better organize their piping systems as well as achieve better control of their wiring. Thus, it adds an extra professional look to their PVC piping system, a look which is also enhanced by the classy white finish this installation component comes in.

ThinkVacuums offers pipe fittings, central vacuum systems, parts, and more. If you need help installing your central vacum call us today: 1.800.322.2965.

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