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Central Vacuum Straight Coupling

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The Central Vacuum Straight Coupling is a white 2-inch PVC coupling specifically designed to have low internal surface friction for air handling use in central vacuum system applications.
Fitting for straight connection of two central vacuum 2-inch PVC pipes
Low internal surface air friction

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Sale Price: $0.95

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About the Central Vacuum Straight Coupling

Central vacuum users can use various fittings to extend their pipe lines in any direction they want to according to their needs. They may need to make a 90-degree turn or a 45-degree one or they may simply want to extend their pipe line while maintaining its orientation. This central vacuum straight coupling fitting provides a solution for the latter category of central vacuum users.

Designed to join two pieces of pipe of any length, this straight coupling fitting ensures a tight seal, so it provides a reliable solution. However, it is only compatible with pipes measuring two inches in diameter (on the outside). Also, it is designed to be used with pipes made of polyvinyl chlorine, or PVC. The fitting itself is made of the same material. Due to this composition, it also provides a long-term solution, PVC being known to have a long life expectancy. With an assembled weight of 0.05 pounds, the straight coupling fitting is small in size and very easy to attach onto the PVC pipes. However, it enables a smooth circulation of the air throughout the pipe line regardless of the central vacuum application. This is due to a carefully chosen design which includes an internal surface that keeps the surface air friction under control. However, this is a feature that can be encountered with a number of other two-inch PVC couplings.

All in all, this central vacuum straight coupling fitting provides a reliable and lasting solution in terms of extending pipe lines built on two-inch PVC pipes while also allowing proper air circulation.

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