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 Trim Ring

Central Vacuum Trim Ring

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Slides over exposed central vacuum system pipe passing through a wall
Hides the hole cut in the wall for piping
Slot provided for central vacuum control wire
Provides a professional, clean-looking piping system installation

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Sale Price: $0.95

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About the Central Vacuum Trim Ring

The central vacuum trim ring, or the central vacuum pipe collar as it is also referred to, ensures the grooming of the hole where the pipe penetrates into the wall. More specifically, it slides over the exposed piece of piping just like a firestop collar in order to cover the hole in the wall, thus improving the aspect of the entire piping system.

This pipe collar is designed to be fitted on two-inch PVC or polyvinyl chlorine pipes. In other words, it has an internal diameter of two inches. It should also be noted that a small slot is provided on the inside of the trim ring which serves to make room for the low voltage wire to pass through the hole.

Round in shape and available in a white finish, this central vacuum trim ring adds a touch of elegance to the piping system attached to a central vacuum cleaning system. It leaves the impression of a cleaner piping network and, at the same time, that of a professionally organized one as well. Moreover, it creates the impression of homogeneity in terms of design for it is made of the same material as the type of piping it is designed for, which also leads to a number of other advantages. Probably the most important one is the increased durability this choice of manufacture material provides, which is recommended with all installation components designed to be used with such central vacuum piping systems.

ThinkVacuums offers pipe fittings, central vacuum systems, parts, and more. If you need help installing your central vacum call us today: 1.800.322.2965.

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