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 Utility Inlet Kit

Central Vacuum Utility Inlet Kit

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Includes: Utility Inlet, 3-Way Tee Fitting & Low Voltage Wire. Low voltage only - can be installed into the intake pipe of most standard vacuum fittings. Has low voltage contact points for use with hoses that has offer On/Off feature. May also be used as a "cap" at the end of a pipe or fitting.

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Sale Price: $15.95

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About the Central Vacuum Utility Inlet Kit

Any installation procedure becomes a lot easier when all the necessary items are at hand. This central vacuum utility inlet kit responds to the needs of central vacuum users by integrating three fittings of significant importance to the layout of a well-organized and efficient piping system. Consisting of a utility inlet, a three-way tee fitting and, last but not least, a low voltage wire, this kit is intended for users of standard vacuum fittings designed for standard two-inch tubing.

The inlet included in this central vacuum utility inlet kit has two low-voltage contact points for use with hoses featuring an on/off function. In order for these to become active, the low-voltage wire must be connected to the low-voltage leads located at the level of the central vacuum unit. Usually mounted in the vicinity of the central vacuum unit wherever the pipe is visible for the abovementioned reason, the top locations where such utility valves are installed are utility rooms and garage areas. These coincide with the most commonly preferred locations for the installation of 90-Degree Sweep T, utility inlets being designed to fit into them. Such a sweep tee fitting is also included in this central vacuum utility inlet kit for additional convenience.

The utility inlet provided with this kit can also be used to seal standard sized pipes. However, this application does not require the use of a low-voltage wire or a sweep tee fitting, so it can be acquired separately.

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