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 Utility Inlet

Central Vacuum Utility Inlet

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Low voltage only - can be installed into the intake pipe of most standard vacuum fittings. Has low voltage contact points for use with hoses that has offer On/Off feature. May also be used as a "cap" at the end of a pipe or fitting.

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Sale Price: $7.90

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About the Central Vacuum Utility Inlet

Low-voltage inlets are currently the most common type of valves used with central vacuum systems, mainly on account of their increased practicality and convenience. This central vacuum utility inlet belongs to the same category, so it constitutes a viable option for users of central vacuum systems.

In terms of size, this low-voltage utility inlet is designed to fit elbows and fittings with a standard 2-inch inside diameter. As far as its technical particularities are concerned, it features low-voltage contact points which allow its use with hoses equipped with on/off switch buttons. These are enabled upon the connection of the low-voltage wire to the low-voltage leads on the central vacuum unit. It should also be noted that, similarly to other utility inlet valves, this central vacuum utility inlet is designed to fit into a sweep T fitting, often being mounted in the proximity of the central vacuum unit, more precisely at locations where the pipe is uncovered. Sweep T fittings are commonly encountered in utility rooms, garages, basements and workshops, so these are also the most common locations where low-voltage utility inlet valves can be found.

Finally, this central vacuum utility inlet can also be fitted on PVC pipes as a seal and therefore as a substitute for a proper pipe cap fitting, whether to stop any pipe run extensions or prevent various objects from reaching into the pipe. This additional function only serves to further prove the increased practicality and the high convenience levels this component provides.

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