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Power Head and Hose Combos

Hose & power head kits for central vacuum systems

Power head and hose combos come complete with everything you need including Extension Wands, Power Head and Central Vacuum Hose; an optional protective Hose Sock or VacuBumper™ may be added. All power head combos will work with you system. Simply choose the correct hose connection, either pigtail or direct connect and you’re done.

Super Combo - Hose & Power Head


Deluxe 925 Power Head Great Value

The Super 925 Power Head Combo offers a 5 year motor & hose warranty, is equipped with the Deluxe 925 Power Head and premium quality dual-switching electric hose. The Deluxe 925 is a prefect starter electric power brush and is suitable for vacuuming all carpeting surfaces.

The Deluxe 925 Power Head height-adjusts automatically to the surface being vacuumed. With a heavy-duty steel brush roller, sealed bearings and new belt gearing – durability is guaranteed and maintenance is hassle free. This combo is perfect if you are looking for more power at an affordable price.

Deluxe Combo - Hose & Power Head


Wessle-werk Premiere 850 Power Head

The Deluxe Premiere 850 Power Head Combo is one of the most prestige combos on the market today. Each Deluxe Combo comes complete with the Premiere 850 Power Head. These German engineered power brushes are covered under an extended 5 year motor warranty and include a premium quality electric hose.

The Premiere 850 Power Head and hose combo is a perfect investment if you’re shopping for a high quality electric power head. The Deluxe Combo is suitable for vacuuming all carpeted surfaces including bare floors. With a heavy-duty brush roller, sealed bearings and geared belt – durability and quick easy maintenance is fact.

In addition to the features found in the Deluxe 925 Power Brush, the Premiere 850 Power Head has a bright LED headlight indicator for performance. Pick up your German engineered Deluxe Hose & Power Head Combo today!

Elite Combo - Hose & Power Head


Sebo Pro ET-1 Power Head Made in Germany

The Elite Sebo Pro ET-1 Power Head Combo delivers deep cleaning and flexibility. The Sebo Pro ET-1 power brush aggressively cleans carpeting. This power head combo is ideal for hard floors and delicate rugs. For optimal bare floor cleaning, the brush roller on the Sebo Pro ET-1 may be switched off by pressing the power switch/indicator on top of the head. This prevents dust bunnies from escaping the head of the brush.

Free up-and-over tool with purchase of an elite combo

The Elite Power Head and Hose Combo come with the most advanced state of the art German engineered brush roller. Each Sebo Pro ET-1 Power Head is tested for years of durability, longevity and overall deepest cleaning. The brush roller bristles are strategically placed to prevent dirt, hair and dust from escaping the power head.

Sebo Pro ET-1 is approved by the Carpet and Rug Institute for soil retention and carpet safety. Some optimal features include a four-level manual Brush Roller height adjustment, brush obstruction light with automatic brush shut off, incorrect height setting or worn brush light, easy brush removal and cleaning and manual or automatic brush shut off.

Supreme Combo - Hose & Power Head


Sebo Pro ET-2 Power Head Made in Germany

The Supreme Sebo Pro ET-2 Power Head Combo is the Créme de la Créme of power head combos. When it comes to true precision German engineering, the Supreme Combo is the smartest choice! The Supreme Combo is backed by an incredible 15 year motor warranty and our premium quality electric hose is also covered by a 5 year warranty.

The “L” shape design of the Sebo Pro ET-2 Power Head will maneuver around furniture, walls, molding and other obstacles with great ease. This power brush is suitable for vacuuming not only carpeted surfaces but bare floors as well. An advanced rotary dial on the Sebo Pro ET-2 allows you to set the perfect vacuuming height, no matter the surface.

Free Deluxe Turbopro Cleaning Tool

In addition to the Elite Combo the Supreme Power Head Combo replaces the Sebo Pro ET-1 with a Sebo Pro ET-2 (extra-large cleaning path), Free Deluxe Turbopro Stair & Upolstery Tool & bonus Telescopic Pipe w/ Cord Management.

The heavy-duty Brush Roller and lifetime geared belt will provide hassle free maintenance for years to come. You’re the king of your castle, so why not use the most elite power nozzle designed for royalty!

If you are in the market for the most powerful and unsurpassed German quality central vacuum power head combo, then the obvious choice would be to complete your central vacuum system with a Supreme Combo.