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Central Vacuum Power Heads

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Power heads come both in Air Driven (Turbine) and Electric Powered carpet nozzles. Central vacuum power heads are designed with a lower profile than most conventional upright vacuums and canister vacuums. This makes them better for cleaning your house. Power heads connect directly to an existing central vacuum via hose, wand or handle attachment.

Power heads or carpet nozzles generate superior suction by pulling right from the motor(s) in your current power unit. Central vacuum power heads are lightweight, responsive and easy to move around walls, under cabinets and furniture.

Air Driven Central Vacuum Power Heads - Turbine Driven

Air driven Turbo Cat Plus power head

Air Driven (Turbine) Power Heads are widely accepted in the central vacuum industry as the consumer’s best choice for cleaning carpets and rugs. Some air driven power heads such as the all new more powerful “Turbocat Pro” offer 70% more suction than conventional power heads. Free lifetime maintenance with every Turbo Carpet Plus. This is the most popular selling power head.

air driven power head turbine

Definition: Air Driven Central Vacuum Power Heads for carpet and rugs - Turbine driven (or air driven) central vacuum carpet heads produce continuous power in which a wheel or rotor, typically fitted with vanes is made to revolve by a fast-moving flow of air. Turbine driven central vacuum power heads do not require electricity to operate.

Air Driven Power Head Benefits: Lightweight. Did you know that many air driven nozzles can last, in most cases, much longer than some electric power heads? Air Driven Power Heads are consumer friendly; there is no need for electricity, motors, batteries or electrical cords to trip over. There also is no need to waste money buying expensive electric hoses & attachments to operate these devices. Furthermore, any hose used for a central vacuum will fit!

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Fun Facts: Helping to save your money, turbine carpet/floor brushes utilize the power of your vacuum to spin the Brush Roller rather than electricity. Air Driven Power Head Turbines are a great indicator of the status/health of your whole vacuum system. Air Driven Turbines provide you with a clear sign when it is time to service the Central Vacuum Power Unit.

Durability is another plus! Air driven models are rust resistant, corrosion resistant, smudge resistant, fingerprint resistant, require less effort to use, offer faster cleaning, and fewer repairs make air driven power heads last longer.

Uses for Air Driven Power Heads: Ideal for cleaning under beds, the coffee table, dressers, and even around the toe-kick or under your kitchen cabinets. Important: This must have item protects your power head from wear, scratches and chips - also, your baseboards, walls and furniture by purchasing a VacuBumper™.

Electric Central Vacuum Power Heads - Motor Driven

EBK 340 Electric powered power

Electric Powered Power Heads are designed for carpeting and rugs along with minor bare floor use. Electric power heads are essentially electric powered carpet attachments for your central vacuum system. They are used for deeper cleaning and remove dirt and debris most conventional Household Vacuum Cleaners and Commercial Vacuums leave behind.

Electric powered motor for power heads

Electric Power Head Operation: Electricity runs through a wire on the Central Vacuum Hose to supply power to the power head motor. The electric driven motor then controls the brush roller to operate at much higher RPMs. This helps agitate and remove any embedded dirt or debris found deep within the carpet.

Connection types for electric carpet nozzles

Higher RPMs allow the brush roller to dig down deep, beating and sweeping your carpet fibers. This pulls out not only dirt but sand, hair, allergy laden particles and much more! Because Electric Power Heads not only make cleaning easier for you, they may even make your carpet last longer - ultimately saving you time & money.

Cleaning with Electric Power Heads: Not only do electric powered central vacuum power heads clean your carpet and rugs… they also clean the air you breathe. Dirt brought in through the power head travels directly through your central vacuum hose and out into the Central Vacuum Power Unit.

Uses for Electric Power Heads: Electric central vacuum power head can get under most furniture, couches, and beds with ease due to its shape, size, and low profile. If you are looking for the best power head in the central vacuum industry and you want total deep cleaning but yet easy to push and pull, you also want to get a power head that doesn't break down every 6 months to a year or has to be maintained every 6 to 12 months.

Vacubumper for central vacuum power heads

Key Features of Electric Power Head: Low profile, maintenance free, large and easy to push wheels, quiet operation, sealed bearings, zero maintenance motor, zero belt replacement, rugged construction, and motor safety protection shut off. Look for an electric carpet nozzle that does rugs, bare floors, has non-marking wheels, and state of the art technology.

Important: Protect your power head from wear, scratches and chips including abrasion to baseboards, walls and furniture by purchasing a VacuBumper™!