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Nutone LogoThe most popular Nutone power brushes include the Deluxe electric power brush CT700 and the Turbine brush CT350B. However, the collection also includes the Deluxe electric power brush CT600 and the dirt sensing CT650 model. The CT700 model is the top of the list with its excellent overall performance favored by the highly appealing features, such as its easy-to-maneuver steering element, its LED lighting which improves the visibility or its four height adjustment settings. This 14-inch wide accessory can be paired with the adjustable wand models CT170 and CT175 from the same manufacturer.

Nutone Power Heads

NuTone CT102G Dusting Brush

CT102G Dusting Brush

Price: $8.14
NuTone CT106G Upholstery Tool

CT106G Upholstery Tool

Price: $10.44
NuTone CT140G Floor/Rug Tool

CT140G Floor/Rug Tool

Price: $27.69
NuTone CT700 Powerhead


Price: $153.00
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Brushing the Dirt Away with the Nutone Power Brushes

Nutone Power Head Specs Nutone’s reputation as one of the leaders of the vacuuming industry has been strengthened on countless occasions, all their vacuum cleaners and accessories meeting the highest standards. Nutone central vacuum cleaners are highly praised for having a quality not all central vacuum cleaners do and that is the fact that they absorb the impurities on a given surface and not spread them across it like other appliances do. The Nutone power brushes are one of the decisive factors that have contributed to the name this manufacturer now has within the industry, accentuating this quality of theirs with their every use.

While the Nutone CT700 power head is one of the natural bristle brush models in the Nutone collection, the Nutone CT350B Turbine brush is one of the nylon bristle ones which collect 38% more impurities according to the ASTM tests. This power brush has a lightweight design, weighing 74% less than other turbine power brushes. It is also very easy to maneuver as it has a 360-degree steering neck and a 45-degree suction shoe designed to maintain the proper positioning of the brush while vacuuming. This accessory is highly appreciated for its superior cleaning potential and its power which is not generated by an electric source.

The list of Nutone power brushes continues with the Generic CT600 model, which shares most of its features with the CT700 model, the same four height adjustment settings and LED lighting also being encountered with this power brush. There is also the opening, which is 14 inches wide in this case too. However, the bristles are no longer made of natural hairs but nylon. This power brush is a perfect match for the Nutone CH520 and Nutone CH620 hoses available with the Nutone central vacuum cleaners, as well as for the easy release wands made by Nutone, but so is the CT650 power brush for it has the same set of characteristics.

The Nutone power brushes are all conceived so as to increase the life expectancy of the carpets they are used on as well as relieve their users from any unnecessary effort. Their power height adjustment pedals, power neck release pedals, wand release pedals and steering elements all maximize the ease of use of these accessories and the appliances they are mounted on, thus allowing their users to make consistent energy and time savings. In fact, Nutone designers have demonstrated their intent to maximize the effectiveness of their appliances and accessories on countless occasions over the years.