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Handheld Stair and Upholstery Brushes

Small Power Heads & Brushes for Central Vacuums

Handheld power head brushs are great for people with pets, stairs and upholstery. These handy tools go where other power head brushes are unable to go. Lightweight, durable and easy to maneuver are just a few benefits of owning a Handheld power brush. Clean pet hair and remove deep down dirt from carpeting, upholstery and stairs. Handheld power head brushs are wonderful for removing dust mites and hair flakes from mattresses, loveseats and pillows.Learn more!

Handheld Power Head Brushes for Central Vacuums

Pet Power Paw Air Driven Power Head

Pet Power Paw
Price: $38.95
Rugrat Stair Tool Air Driven Power Head

Rugrat Stair Tool
Price: $49.95
TurboPro Deluxe Handheld Air Driven Power Head

TurboPro Deluxe
Price: $49.00
HEB 160 Electric Power Head

HEB 160
Price: $79.95

Handheld Power Head Benefits & Additional Information

Pet Power Paw Handheld power head brush

Pet Power Paw
Handheld Power Head Brush

This Handheld power head brush is great for pet owners. The Pet Power Paw is built to pull hair and deep down dirt from carpeting and upholstery.

The unique teeth-like rubber nubs move hair towards the bristles that pull hair, dirt and other debris toward the sweeper. If you have ever tried to remove pet hair than you know how difficult it can be. Do yourself a favor and pick up a Pet Power Paw today!

Turbopro Deluxe Handheld power head brush

TurboPro Deluxe
Handheld Power Head Brush

This tool is so popular in the central vacuum industry. A must have if you are a cleaning fanatic. 10x more powerful than its closest competitor.

Removes dust mites

The TurboPro Deluxe is a one-of-a-kind tool that can be used for stairs, pet beds, upholstery, car interiors, and other hard-to-reach areas. New 24 Blade Fan Turbine propels double chevron style brush roller for deeper cleaning. #1 selling tool.

Turbocat Rugrat Handheld power head brush

Rugrat Stair Tool
Handheld Power Head Brush

The Turbocat Rugrat 6971 floor and stair tool is a handheld air-driven power head. Along with a sleek design, this lightweight and powerful turbine power head is perfect for any staircases, cars, furniture, upholstery, and other hard to reach places.

Accompanied by the Turboflex agitator, the Rugrat has the same cleaning power as other Turbocat’s, it’s just more portable!

Wessle-Werk HEB 160 Electric Power Head

Westle-Werk HEB 160 Electric
Handheld Power Head Brush

The Compact Design – the perfect addition to any cleaning system A small, lightweight hand-operated accessory with powerful motorized brush for thorough cleaning.

Never before has an electric brush been available to clean small areas of fabric or carpet with ease. Ideal complement for the cleaning of furniture, mattresses, car interiors, and carpeted stairs.