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Wessel-Werk EBK 360 Soft Clean

Sale Price: $228.00

MSRP: $329.95 You Save: $101.95
Model No: EBK360 Soft Clean
Weight: 5.9 Lbs
Color: Black
About the Wessel-Werk EBK 360 Soft Clean:
The Wessel-Werk EBK360 Soft Clean comes with a high speed rotating brush roller and 14” inch cleaning path. Dust and dirt dont stand a chance against this power head! The EBK360 Soft Clean is a German engineered power nozzle manufactured for vacuuming all carpeted surfaces as well as bare floors.
Important Need to Know Information: Fits any central vacuum made. Use Pipe With Button-Lock System Only.
We Highly Recommend Changing Your Belt Every 6 months.

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About the Wessel-Werk EBK 360 Soft Clean Electric Power Head

Today, the market is faced with the challenges of ultra-soft carpets which are bigger in every sense but only serve to promote them as a central piece of the market in the long term. In the end, The Wessel-Werk EBK 360 Soft Clean is the secret to success when cleaning these ultra-soft new age carpets. All in all, soft carpets have long outrun their predecessors in terms of popularity, which has spread to both consumers and manufacturers. The competition between carpet manufacturers has been fierce over the past ten years with each of them trying to develop the softest carpet. So far, the leader is Mohawk with their carpet design which banks not only on an outstandingly soft texture, but also on durability. As expected, the offer is extremely diversified, soft carpets being available in a wide range of weights, textures and styles. However, these cleaning demands are handled with ease with the Wessel-Werk EBK 360 Soft Clean.

There are several cleaning challenges posed by the modern soft carpets, and some cleaning equipment manufacturers have had a much easier job than others. Wessel-Werk is a clear example of the privileged position some have benefited from. They built their entire manufacturing process starting from the EBK 360 power brush, which is their latest proposition in terms of power brushes. In fact, this part has proved to be so much more than that, making a huge impact on the profile market. The reasons are quite obvious. Wessel-Werk’s EBK 360 power brush produces great power to ensure an impeccable cleaning performance on carpets of different heights and does so for prices calculated to suit all end users, regardless of their financial possibilities. Although the response to this power brush was a very good one, the manufacturer decided to improve it even further and designed the Soft-Clean version, which is now available for sale. As expected, this has led to the introduction of Soft-Clean pieces on canister and central vacuum cleaners alike. Basically, this was that first step that needed to be taken for the two industries to start developing a transparent and fully collaborative relationship which would open new doors for them to serve the best interests of their end users. Somehow, it acted as the push they needed to realize that they often share not only a purpose, but a wide range of other aspects as well which starts at their target demographics.

Wessel-Werk EBK 360 Soft Clean Features and Benefits

  • Vibration Free - Super Quiet
  • Lifetime Lubricated Ball Bearings
  • Manual Height Adjustment
  • 180 Degree Swivel Neck
  • Great Edge Cleaning
  • Great For Pet Hair & Dander
  • Powerful 250 Max Watt Chinese Motor
  • Precision German Engineering Quality
  • L.E.D. Performance Indicator Lights
  • Motor Safety Overload Protector
  • Non-Marking Bumper For Protection
  • Never-Fail Geared Belt
  • Wide 13.5" Cleaning Path
  • Weighs only 5.9lbs

Additional Features

  • Neck
    • Pivot - 90º
    • Swivel - 180º
    • Release - Pedal
  • Height - 4.09” (104mm)
  • Width - 14” (355mm)
  • Headlight (Optional) - LED

3 Star Rated

Contemporary Design
The nozzle which has been especially developed for the US but also for European requirements sets new standards for design, function and efficiency.

Simple and Smooth Running
Double swivel neck, equipment for cleaning hard floor coverings (parquet etc) and carpet and the big furniture guard offer extremely pleasant and carefree use.

Instead of replacing a power head, why not purchase a complete attachment kit?

Wessel-Werk EBK 360 Soft Clean Warranty

5 Year Extended Motor Warranty and 2 Year Warranty on Everything!

ThinkVacuums.com Red Carpet Treatment!

    Our Free Lifetime Maintenance offer is as easy as 1, 2, 3!
  1. Send in your EBK 360 Soft Clean (you cover small shipping charge)
  2. Our trained technicians will clean out, oil / grease, deodorize, and make it shine like new
  3. We send it back to you, ready to be used!
  4. It's really that easy, your satisfaction is 100% Guaranteed
This is an offer ONLY available with Thinkvacuums.com to thank our customers for their continued support and patronage.
Thank you! offer excludes belt & normal wearable parts; offer void if visibly abused, neglected or water damaged

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