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The Benefits Of Owning A Central Vacuum Power Unit

If you’re getting tired of hauling around your heavy vacuum cleaner, then you’re probably the type who’ll benefit a lot from a central vacuum system. In fact, you’ll be glad to know that the benefits of a central vacuum power unit go farther than just logistics. Here are some of its top benefits, which may finally convince you to make the switch.

  1. Better air quality

    It’s not just that central vacuums don’t need to be carried around. The fact that they are installed in a different room helps improve their function, which is to clean the air in your home. Due to its location, the central vacuum power unit does not cause a discharge of forced air in the same room that is being cleaned and does not stir up allergens and dust particles that can then be inhaled by your family. This benefit is backed by the EPA, who even estimates that the use of a central vacuum can help reduce the growing number of people who have one form of dust allergy or another.

  2. Better suction power

    Due to the fact that they don’t have to be carried around, a central vacuum system therefore does not have to limit itself to a certain size. Thus, they usually have larger and more powerful motors, which can offer way more powerful cleaning actions. If the suction power is stronger, the cleaning quality is also higher. Due to this, the central vacuum power unit cannot just clean deeply, but can also remove even the tiniest dust particles in the air.

  3. Great with pets

    A central vacuum is more recommended for homes with pets compared to a conventional upright or canister type vacuum. Due to its deep cleaning abilities, a central vacuum power unit is more capable of cleaning pet dander.

  4. More thorough filtration

    A more powerful motor also makes the filtration system more effective as it is capable of bringing more dust and allergens through the filter. Thus, it is safe to say that central vacuum power units also offer improved dust filtration, so much so since these harmful particles are all captured outside of your home and can thus be vented away from the living spaces in your home.

  5. Great value for money

    A central vacuum makes a really good investment for the home. Although it will cost you more at the outset than a traditional upright or canister type vacuum cleaner, it offers better value and thus makes a better and wiser purchase in the long run. Besides, central vacuums come in different sizes to fit different homes, and these different types also have varying price tags to meet different budgets.

  6. Increased home value

    If you’re planning to sell your home anytime in the future, then buying a central vacuum power unit is a wise long-term investment. This particular system can increase your home’s resale value at a low cost on your part. This is yet another benefit that an upright or canister type vacuum cannot offer. Even if you have no present plans of selling your home, it is reassuring to know that the money you are spending to buy a central vacuum actually goes to the long-term improvement of your home and is therefore more than just an expense, but an investment.

What Is A Central Vacuum Power Unit?

Most central vacuum power units consist of 5 main components – a central vacuum motor, canister housing, central vacuum bag, central vacuum filter, and exhaust muffler. Although not every power unit comes with a combination of every item mentioned above, the simplest units consist of a motor, filter and canister. The dirt canister traps debris sucked up by the vacuum motor and is generally made from either high-grade ABS resin or plastic, brushed aluminum or steel. Power units can be installed in new or existing homes. A series of PVC pipe is plumbed throughout the house connected to wall inlets where the vacuum hose attaches. Add an ActivacII Exhaust Filter to prevent motor damage. Need more help?

Which Central Vacuum Power Unit Should I Choose... Bag, Bagless, or Cyclonic?


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99.7% best filtration, traps microscopic particles and allergens


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Save a few bucks a year at the expense of your health


Not recommended for allergy and asthma sufferers


Central vacuums equipped with disposable paper bags removes 100% of contacted dirt, dust, pollen, dust-mites and their feces, animal dander and other allergen contaminating particles from your environment. Making it a more pleasant comfortable atmosphere for your family. Central vacs reduce allergen symptoms. Dust and dirt remain within the dust bag and cannot billow out. Handling the dust bag is simple and hygienic. Another phone call that we get a lot is asking us if the home owner should vent their system outside.

Recommended Central Vacuum Power Units

As a result of customers asking us, "What is the best power unit? / What sells the most?" We thought we'd create this outline as an answer for the curious folks out there. Even though we carry a wide variety of central vacuum brands, years of combined experience and expertise has allowed us to compile a list of the best power units on the market today.

Drainvac Central Vacuum Systems
  • The Best seller in
    every category
  • Best Dollar Value
  • Fits everyone's budget
  • Leaving the competition in the dust
  • Prices start at $395.00
Power Unit Rating:
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Duovac Central Vacuum Systems
  • Considered the finest vacuum in the world
  • True lifetime warranty including the motor
  • Prices start at $409.00
Power Unit Rating:
Shop Duovac
Purvac Central Vacuum Systems
  • Great for asthma and allergy sufferers
  • Fits everyone's budget
  • Prices start at $349.00
Power Unit Rating:
Shop PurVac
Cana-Vac Central Vacuum Systems
  • Built to last
  • New hybrid system
  • Rock solid technology
  • Prices start at $349.00
Power Unit Rating:
Shop Cana-Vac
Nutone Central Vacuum Systems
  • Builders favorite brand
  • Prices start at $320.00
Power Unit Rating:
Shop Nutone
Powerstar Central Vacuum Systems
  • Quality you can trust
  • Prices start at $299.00
Power Unit Rating:
Shoop Powerstar

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