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Central Vacuum System Brand Names

Select from over 40 different central vacuum brands. We carry not only the most popular central vacuum brands on the market but also have a complete variety of all central vacuums out there. If you are looking for AirVac, Drainvac, Duovac, Nutone, PowerStar or any other brand then you've arrived at the right page. If you are unable to find your brand or manufacturer then simply call a central vacuum expert. We are ready to help with any question you may have.

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Central Vacuum Airwatts & Suction Power by Brand

Central vacuums are rated by many different factors. A top priority when researching the right vacuum brand is the amount of airwatts or "suction power" created by the Central Vacuum Motor. When shopping for a central vacuum brand it is also important to consider the size of home, if you would like a bag or bagless unit, and how frequently or infrequently you want to replace bags or dump out the dirt canister. Below is a list of central vac brands and range of airwatts or "suction power".

Airwatts by Central Vacuum Brand:

Aggresor: 500 - 640

AirVac: 537 - 627

Cana-Vac: 555 - 808

Drainvac: 670 - 1,340

DuoVac: 694 - 708

Dustcare: 530 - 962

Electrolux: 600 - 640

Eureka: 550 - 640

Hayden: 550 - 620

Honeywell: 500 - 1,000

Hoover: 465

Nadair: 550 - 700

Nutone: 475 - 1,040

PowerStar: 500 - 1,110

PurVac: 562 - 1,347

Riccar: 537 - 1,160

Royal: 520 - 848

Valet: 561 - 1,040

WalVac: 561 - 631

Suction power

Airwatts "Suction Power": is a combination of water lift (suction) and CFM (airflow). This is the truest measure of cleaning power. 97% of all central vacuum manufactures measure the power of their units by Airwatts. Maximum Airwatts is recognized by the American Society of Testing and Materials (ASTM) as the best way to measure the actual cleaning power of a central vacuum system. Other misleading terms such as Airflow, CFM's and Waterlift are not a true measurement of power, but rather part of an equation that equals Airwatts.

Central vacuum airwats.

Airwatts is the only recognized testing method as set forth by the American Society of Testing and Materials. F558-98 Standard Test Method for Measuring Air Performance Characteristics of Vacuum Cleaners that tests the actual (suction) cleaning power of a central vacuum.