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Nadair 550-ST-18 Central Vacuum Nadair
Suction Power: 550 Up to 3,500 sq.ft. Capacity: 4.75 Gal
Item Not Available
Nadair 600-AL-22 Central Vacuum Nadair
Suction Power: 600 Up to 6,500 sq.ft. Capacity: 5.8 Gal
Item Not Available
Nadair 600-AL-32 Central Vacuum Nadair
Suction Power: 600 Up to 6,500 sq.ft. Capacity: 8.5 Gal
Item Not Available
Nadair 700-AL-32 Central Vacuum Nadair
Suction Power: 700 Up to 10,000 sq.ft. Capacity: 8.5 Gal
Item Not Available

Why Nadair?

Established for over 35 years, Nadair is a small privately owned business with a purpose to provide reliability in their central vacuum products.

Nadairs’ goal for their central vacuum systems are to improve your home air quality, give you more cleaning power, operate your vacuum silently, vacuum stairs safely, and provide your central vacuum with a long life.

Daring to Improve the Quality of the Air with the Well-Built Nadair Central Vacuums

There is a certain peace and a certain level of comfort that comes with the acknowledgment of breathing fresh air in one’s own home and it appears that many vacuum cleaner manufacturers are driven by it in their attempt to create innovative products. Nadair is one of them. However, they do not forget that people also look for cheap appliances, so they always launch vacuum cleaners with an appealing price-quality ratio. Nadair central vacuums are built in a very realistic way by people who rely on a vast experience in the domain.

With Nadair central vacuums, everything is about ease and value in one form or another. Nadair’s designers’ experience has taught them that the quieter a vacuum cleaner, the more popular it is among customers, so they equipped their appliances with modern motors that do not cause any noise pollution. Thus, users can focus on cleaning their home properly rather than on finding ways to ignore the irritating noise produced by their vacuum cleaner.

The secret of these vacuum cleaners lies in their construction. For instance, their strength and durability are enhanced by the steel and aluminum used for the motor casing. This construction favors the dissipation of heat and makes them easier to mount on the wall. The coating is baked powder paint. The same aluminum is used for the dirt tank and the upper motor casing, whose appealing look, light weight and resistance to corrosion are given by a layer of acrylic lacquer. Most dirt tanks are made of steel, therefore being much less corrosion resistant and heavier. Furthermore, the exterior casing of these vacuums is metallic, so it rejects the dust that may result from constant friction. These dust deposits are very common with vacuum cleaners whose exterior casing is made of plastic. Moreover, steel and aluminum have a major advantage over the different types of plastic when it comes to recycling.

Not only the Nadair central vacuums are very attractive, but their packages too, because they include a few very practical and useful accessories. One of them is a muffler for residual noise reduction, then there are two flexible ducting sections which absorb the vibrations produced by the power unit so that they do not cause the pipes throughout the house to shake whenever the vacuum cleaner is in use and, last but not least, three rubber parts which prevent the same vibrations produced by the power unit from shaking the mounting screws and reaching the walls.

It can easily be observed that all Nadair central vacuums are built so as to ensure thorough cleaning and protect the house at the same time. In other words, Nadair can pride themselves on manufacturing a series of central vacuums that can clean the air inside a home with very little effort, in silence and for a very long time. In the end, this proves once again that their work is based on value, simplicity and, last but not least, safety, so they are a reliable partner.