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Central Vacuum Accessories and Tools

Central Vacuum Accessories & Tools:

Here you will find a list of useful accessories for your central vacuum system that help make day-to-day cleaning that much easier. Here you will find Stair & Upholstery Tools, Wood Floor Dust Mops, Blind & Shutter Tools, Pipes & Wands, and other popular central vacuum accessories! View videos our our featured accessories or shop an even larger selection of tools, parts & other central vacuum attachments by choosing your vacuum brand from the list below!

Central Vacuums

Aggresor Airvac AstroVac Beam B & D Broan Brute
Budd Cana-Vac Centralux CV International DuoVac Dust Care Drainvac
Electrolux Eureka Fasco Filtex Frigidaire Hayden Honeywell
Hoover Imperium MD NuTone Patton PowerStar Pullman-Holt
PurVac Riccar Royal Sears/Kenmore Sequoia Simplicity Smart
Vacuflo Valet Vent-a-Vac WalVac Whirlpool Zenex Easy-Flo


Popular central vacuum accessories

 Twister Floor
Central Vacuum Accessory
 Dusting Brush
Central Vacuum Accessory
Fan Brush
Central Vacuum Accessory
Central Vacuum Accessory

Central Vacuum Twister Floor Tool

Central Vacuum Dusting Brush Video

Central Vacuum Fan Tool Video

Central Vacuum Pet Power Paw Video

WOW... This Tool Is So Popular In The Central Vacuum Industry!!!

PERFECT CLEANING ACCESSORY This one-of-a-kind tool can be used for stairs, pet beds, upholstery, car interiors, and other hard-to-reach areas. Long lasting belt. New 24 Blade Fan Turbine, propels double chevron style brush roller for deeper cleaning. Rugged ABS plastic. Quiet operation. The TurboPro Deluxe Fits any central vacuum made.


best selling central vacuum accessory



TurboPro Deluxe Stair Cleaning and Upholstery Accessory

Don't forget your spare belts!
Sale Price
2 Extra Belts - $14.95

Normally $59.95
Sale Price


 microfiber wood dust mop accessory for Central vacuums

Microfiber Wood Dust Mop Tool for Central Vacuums

Price $36.00

APPLICATIONS:  Wood, Marble & Tile Floors

One of our best selling central vacuum accessories, this high efficient floor tool is designed with dozens of miniature microfiber dusting pads great for cleaning most any hard-surface floor. The wood dust mop accessory for your central vacuum comes complete with swivel design, some of the industry's strongest ABS plastic and is machine washable!  What a valued investment; at only $36.00 this is a must for homeowners with tile, marble & hard wood floors.

Central vacuum floor and rug accessory

Ultimate Floor/Rug Accessory for Central Vacuums

Price $32.95

Carpets, Rugs, including Marble & Tile Floors

The ultimate central vacuum accessory for floor/rug is the perfect addition for homes with varying or multi-surfaced floors.  Highly versatile, this accessory moves seamlessly between rugs/carpeting onto hard surfaces without marring or damaging your beautiful floors. With its extra wide cleaning path, this central vacuum tool is very popular among homeowners with a wide variety of flooring surfaces.

Central Vacuum Twisters' extra-extra-large 16" cleaning path.

Central Vacuum Twister
Hardwood and Tile Brush

Choose Size:
16" $89.00
12" $69.00

APPLICATIONS: Wood, Tile, Marble, Slate, Linoleum, Stone, etc! The Central Vacuum Accessory Twisters' floor brush XXL large size will easily but gently clean wooden and other tiled floors and surfaces which are susceptible to scratching. At 16 inches long, it can clean large areas faster and is also ideal for cleaning crevices. A wider cleaning path means less time cleaning! So maneuverable, it even swivels around chair legs and behind furniture, under coffee tables, and even kitchen toe-kicks. 100% Satisfaction Guaranteed

 NEW   Vacuum Bumpers for Central Vacuum & Household Attachments
VacuBumper is universal to any household or central vacuum attachment

Small Vacuum-Head Bumper Medium Vacuum-Head Bumper Large Vacuum-Head Bumper

View Larger Image
Small | Part # VH42SM

Length: 23" to 27" - Width: 2.5"

Price $19.95

View Larger Image
Medium | Part # VH-66MD

Length: 26" - Width: 3"

Price $24.95

View Larger Image
Large | Part # VH59LG

Length: 32" - Width:3"

Price $24.95

Central Vacuum Brushes & Crevice Tools

Dusting Brush Upholstery Tool 9 Inch Crevice Tool Universal Brush 24" Flexible Crevice Tool
24" Flexible
Crevice Tool
Soft horsehair bristles for draperies and other delicate fabrics.
Available in
White or Black.
Cleans upholstery
with ease, included
built-in lint brush.

Available in
White or Black.
Cleans hard-to-reach places. Clipped end provides continuous
air flow. 9" long.

 Available in
White or Black.
Soft nylon bristles with versatile elongated dusting brush that will change the way you dust. Great for bookshelves,
counter tops and more.
This tool is great for vacuuming
under hard-to-move appliances such as refrigerators and
stoves, and can be used for
sucking lint out of your
dryer and under your washer.
Price $3.95
White Black
Price $7.95
 Price $2.95
Sale Price

Sale Price

Central vacuum pet power paw vacuum accessory

Pet Power Paw for Central Vacuums

Great for pet hairGreat for pet hair
Sale Price $38.95

APPLICATIONS:  Pet Hair, Deep Dirt, Carpets, Rugs

Ideal for pet owners, the Pet Power Paw central vacuum accessory is built to pull hair and deep down dirt from carpet and upholstery.  This pet central vacuum tool has unique teeth that are designed to quickly and effectively loosen pet hair.  Small rubber nubs then move the hair toward bristles that finally pull the hair, dirt and other debris toward the sweeper.  If you have ever tried to remove pet hair than you know how difficult it can be.  Do yourself a favor and pick up a Pet Power Paw today!

vac n groom pet care kit central vacuum attachment

Vac N Groom for Central Vacuums

Sale Price $39.95

APPLICATIONS:  Pet Hair, Deep Dirt, Carpets, Rugs

The SociT Vac N Groom Pet Brush Attachment Combo is a must have central vacuum accessory if you have pets! The Vac N Groom's soft, rubber bristles easily clean your pets coat while massaging deep down to lift away dead skin cells, loose hair, and dirt! Keep your home shed-free with the Vac N Groom.

vac n glo Vacuum mop attachment

Vac N Glo Mop for Central Vacuums

Sale Price $39.95

best seller

APPLICATIONS: Hardwood Floor, Tile, Marble, Linoleum

The Vac N Glo simultaneously vacuums and scrubs your floor clean in no time! The swivel head allows for easy maneuvers around and under furniture while cleaning. Featuring a washable microfiber pad that can be re-used over and over with no need to buy replacement pads!

Central vacuum bare floor brush accessory

Bare Floor Brush for Central Vacuums

 Price $18.95

Hard-Surfaced Floors - Wood, Tile & Marble

Our least expensive central vacuum accessory and extremely poplar bare floor brush is 10" wide with edge to edge horse hair bristles.  The horse hair bristles are coarse enough to pickup dirt, yet soft enough not to damage your tile, wood or marble floors.  The 180 degree swivel neck makes maneuvering around chair legs and other obstacles a breeze.

Blind & Shutter Accessories for Central Vacuums

Micro Set of Attachments for keyboard, computers, stereos, printers, etc Mini Blind Cleaning Central Vacuum Accessory Ceiling Fan Cleaning Accessory Central vacuum Shutter Blind Cleaning accessory Refridgerator Tool

Micro Set of

Blind Tool

Fan Tool

Blind Tool


Never purchase another can of pressurized air again!

This set of unique micro attachments is perfect for detailing electronics such as mobile devices, keyboards, cameras, printers, stereo equipment, collectibles and more!

The Micro Set of central vacuum accessories is for those of us who know the importance of keeping the items we own looking new and in pristine condition!

Talk about an innovation to cleaning blinds or shutters.  How many times have you overlooked cleaning these areas around your window just because of how long it takes.

Thanks to the Mini Blind Tool, wetting a cloth just to clean each individual blind or shutter is a thing of the past! Simply attach your new Mini Blind Accessory to the central vacuum and clean 5 blades at a time.

Attaches to your vacuum for easy cleaning of your fan blades.

Cleans top and bottom at the same time while keeping the fan steady.


Central Vacuum Fan Tool Video

Tired of cleaning your shutters and blinds by hand? No need to use a duster anymore! The Shutter Blind Tool for central vacuums is a must have.

This tool allows for easy cleaning. It is great for Plantation type Shutters.

Have you ever wondered what has accumulated under your refrigerator over the years? Think about all the disgusting food particles and other bacteria that might be living there.

With the central vacuum Refrigerator Tool it is easy to get under, behind and around refrigerators, washers, dryers, ovens and other large appliances. Don't allow dirt and other debris to be left unseen, rather make sure they get cleaned with the Refrigerator Tool.

Sale Price
Sale Price
Sale Price
Sale Price
Sale Price

Extension Wands for Central Vacuums

Friction Fit Metal Wands
1-1/4" diameter 19" length universal straight chrome metal friction fit wands - Set of 2
Price $18.95

Friction Fit Plastic Telescopic Wand
1-1/4" diameter telescopic friction fit plastic wand; Extends 22" to 39" at 1" Intervals. Color - Black
 Price $17.69

Plastic Friction Fit Wands
1-1/4" diameter 17 3/4" plastic straight friction fit wands
Color: Black - Set of 2
Price $14.95

Button Lock Top/Friction Fit Bottom Wand
1-1/4" diameter 19" length chrome metal wand (button lock top; friction fit bottom). Sold individually.
 Price $11.95

Metal Button Lock Wands
1-1/4" diameter 19" length straight chrome metal wands (button lock top and bottom). Convenient cord clip attached. These pipes can be used either with straight suction or
with an electric power head
Price $18.95

Button Lock Metal Telescopic Wand

Button Lock Metal Telescopic Wand
1-1/4" diameter chrome metal
ratchet telescopic wand (friction fit top and button lock bottom)
Extends 22" to 39" at 1" Intervals
 Price $22.69

Friction Fit Telescopic Wand
1-1/4" diameter chrome
metal ratchet telescopic wand
(friction fit top and bottom)
Extends 22" to 39" at 1" Intervals
 Price $22.69

Button Lock Top/Friction Fit Bottom Telescopic Wand
1-1/4" diameter black light weight metal ratcheting telescopic wand Extends 25" to 41" at 1" Intervals
 Price $26.95

Upper Pipe with Cord Management
1-1/4" diameter 19" upper chrome metal wand with cord management (button lock top and bottom)
 Price $21.95

Telescopic Wand with
Cord Management

1-1/4" diameter telescopic button lock top & bottom chrome metal wand w/upper cord management; Extends 20" to 30" at 1" Intervals
 Price $34.95

Uses for Central Vacuum Accessories

Under Furniture
Delicate Furnishings

Behind Appliances

Ceiling Fans

Above Furniture
Computer Keyboards
Dry Spills
Wet Spills


Today's homes are tighter and better insulated than ever before, trapping in all dirt and dust particles. Therefore, it's
important to get peak overall cleaning performance out of your central vacuum unit, and equally important is getting the
best quality attachments to compliment it. These determine not only the overall enjoyment of using your vacuum, but have
the greatest impact on the combined cleaning power you should expect from your central vacuum system.

Time-Saving Accessories • Clean Air = Clean Home

Improve Indoor Air Quality • Save Time
Superior Cleaning • Versatility

The U.S. Protection Agency reveals 6 out of 10 homes are "sick" and are potentially hazardous.
Indoor air quality can be up to five times worse than outdoor air. It's a small wonder that
respiratory ailments like asthma are at record high levels.

From all carpet types and hard-surface flooring (wood, tile, marble, vinyl) to upholstery
and drapery, whole-house cleaning is made easy and convenient with versatile central vacuum accessories. Our high-quality products and accessories are specifically designed for durable
yet lightweight operation, and gentle but thorough cleaning to create the cleanest,
healthiest home possible.

Choose from a wide selection of cleaning nozzles to enhance the versatility of your central
vacuum system, from electric power brushes for deep cleaning on all types of carpeting;
to standard central vacuum accessory sets for basic household cleaning; to a wide selection of specialized
tools and accessories to make all your cleaning chores easier.

Got questions about central vacuum accessories? Give us a call any time!

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