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Duovac, Winner of the prestigious Consumers Choice award for the past seventeen years, has been the standard of excellence in Central Vacuum Systems for over 45 years: Superior performance, Superior design, Superior air quality.

Duovac’s advanced filtration system is composed of a filtration cage and a machine washable filter protected with SILPURE, next-generation silver-based antimicrobial and odor treatment. Duovac products have the best warranty in the Industry. All Duovac central vacuum systems are made in Canada.

DuoVac Comparison

Central Vacuum Power Units

Recommemded Max
Home Size (Sq. Ft.)
Max Air WattsMax AmpsVoltageBag Full IndicatorCapacity (Gallons)Motor Protection System
3500 642 13.20 120 2.70
Air 10
6500 651 12 120 4.70
9000 806 15 120 8
Air 50
12000 657 15 120 9.60
12000 1177 13 220 9.60

At marked voltage, 60Hz. Test Data corrected to sandard conditions of 29.92 inches Hg. 68o F.

What's Nuera Air ? (DuoVac Central Vacuum) - A Nuera Inspired by Performance

Nuera is an incomparable line of central vacuum systems featuring state-of-the-art technology. Nuera is the union of two renowned brands - Duovac and Husky - internationally recognized for over 40 years for their quality, performance and durability. 

We could have stopped right there, but we decided to go one step further because we don't believe in the status quo. That's why Nuera completely re-thought the approach to central vacuum systems. To us, a great system is much more than just a motor and an accessory kit. So the team at Nuera went on to reinvent these systems, not just in terms of technical specs, but in terms of how they could fully meet the needs of the people using them.

We challenged ourselves to go beyond technical and mechanical boundaries in order to make each system as good as it could possibly be. In short, we integrated a host of innovations designed to make using our products easier and more efficient. The result is a comprehensive line of central vacuum systems like no other.

What's more, Nuera is the first to adopt such an approach, w here central vacuum systems look as good as they work, thanks to their impeccable finishing and unique design. After all, Nuera is not merely a designed, manufacturer and distributor of central vacuum systems; it's first and foremost a company that puts people first.