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Duovac, Winner of the prestigious Consumers Choice award for the past seventeen years, has been the standard of excellence in Central Vacuum Systems for over 45 years: Superior performance, Superior design, Superior air quality.

Duovac’s advanced filtration system is composed of a filtration cage and a machine washable filter protected with SILPURE, next-generation silver-based antimicrobial and odor treatment. Duovac products have the best warranty in the Industry. All Duovac central vacuum systems are made in Canada.

DuoVac Comparison

Central Vacuum Power Units

Recommemded Max
Home Size (Sq. Ft.)
Max Air WattsMax AmpsVoltageBag Full IndicatorCapacity (Gallons)Motor Protection System
3500 642 13.20 120 2.70
Air 10
6500 651 12 120 4.70
9000 806 15 120 8
Air 50
12000 657 15 120 9.60
12000 1177 13 220 9.60

At marked voltage, 60Hz. Test Data corrected to sandard conditions of 29.92 inches Hg. 68o F.

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About DuoVac

DuoVac has been bringing a contribution to the improvement of the vacuuming industry through their central vacuum cleaners since 1967. The high suction of these appliances guarantees a high efficiency ratio. Also, their large dust canisters enhance the convenience by sparing users the trouble of emptying them all the time. Finally, their lightweight makes it easier for users to carry their appliances from one part of the house to another. These are just some of the basic features of the DuoVac central vacuum cleaners. However, there is much more this manufacturer holds for their customers.

DuoVac has introduced a number of innovations which have appealed to consumers everywhere and provided them with solutions according to their cleaning needs. For instance, this is the only manufacturer to offer one-piece spun aluminum dust containers, thus preventing leaks, corrosion and rust. The release of dust back into the air is also prevented by the Duofib filters the DuoVac central vacuum cleaners are equipped with, which also keep the dust away from the motor, thus extending its life expectancy. The entire filtration system the DuoVac central vacuums are equipped with recommend them as very good choices for homeowners who present a high level of sensitivity to allergens. The filters are designed to reach a very good efficiency ratio, seal the dust inside and therefore guarantee an outstanding quality of the air after every use. Moreover, they eliminate the need for venting outside, which leaves users with many more choices when it comes to positioning their appliances.

As already mentioned, the DuoVac collection is thought out so as to provide solutions to any kind of cleaning challenges. Thus, homeowners can turn to the DuoVac central vacuum cleaners whether they own small, medium or large properties. Those in need of a cleaning solution for small to medium surfaces can rely on the DuoVac Air-10 vacuum, for instance, which requires up to ninety meters of 5.08 cm PVC pipe and eight valves. The DuoVac Simplici-T model addresses the same needs too. The same requirements in terms of fittings apply to the DuoVac Symphonia 1501 model, which is designed to perform its best on medium surfaces. Higher cleaning demands, on the other hand, can easily and safely be met by models like the DuoVac Star central vacuum cleaner, which requires up to one hundred fifty meters of 5.08 cm PVC pipe and twenty-four valves and is designed to perform its best on medium to large surfaces. Finally, the DuoVac Signature 185i central vacuum cleaner comes with the same requirements in terms of fittings and valves, but, covered in spun aluminum, its design responds to the cleaning challenges raised by large surfaces.

With a market experience of over forty-five years, DuoVac has proved to be a reliable partner for homeowners everywhere on countless occasions. This transpires not only from the actual performance quality of the DuoVac central vacuum cleaners, whose value has been recognized by specialists worldwide, but also from the lifetime warranty the manufacturer provides on all the components of all their appliances. Thus, homeowners can rest assured that they are assisted in their attempt to line up their homes to the highest cleanliness standards at all times.