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Central Vacuum Motors, Relays & Parts

Shopping for a replacement central vacuum motor? Don't worry, it is now easier than ever! First find the manufacturer for the replacement motor you are searching below. Next, open your central vacuum and remove the motor. The motor number will be listed on the motor itself. Locate that motor number on the manufacturer page and voila!

Alternatively, click on the motors category below to view a complete list of central vacuum motors that we sell. Every Ametek-Lamb or Domel motor we sell and provide to you are brand new.

 Attention Consumer: In the event that your new motor has not resolved your central vacuum issue(s), within 30 days of your purchase you may contact us for the option to exchange your motor and upgrade to a new, more modern, more powerful, quieter, and energy efficient central vacuum system. It's easy, just ask for Dan at ThinkVacuums for details. We are always willing to take the extra step to satisfy our customers. Some restrictions may apply.

More about Central Vacuum Motors

The performance of central vacuum cleaners is determined by the power generated by their motors, so in order for a central vacuum to remove dust and dirt properly, it needs to have a good motor which can create enough suction power to do it. Of course, a motor does not do all the cleaning on its own. It is part of a system, so it has some additional components, each with a separate role to play in it. In fact, the generic term of central vacuum motors also conceals a number of other components such as the fan blades, for instance.

The tricky part of designing a good central vacuum motor is that it must be both powerful and durable, otherwise it is not worth its money. Unfortunately, motor replacements and repairs can be quite problematic in some cases, so the motor must last for a long period of time in order to make a good investment. Unfortunately, any malfunction that draws the permanent death of the motor also draws the need for a new motor. There is a generic name for these motors and that is 'throw-away motors'.

Central vacuum motors come in different voltages and sizes, each compatible with a certain type of appliance. The Lamb Ametek motors stand high in the customers’ favors, being the most commonly used motors by manufacturers throughout the United States of America. A Lamb Ametek motor on a central vacuum is a guarantee that even the highest cleaning standards can be met because Lamb Ametek has been the most resounding name on the central vacuum motor market for more than half a century.

The overall success of this brand is actually determined by the success of each of its motors. First of all, they lay their account on the tangential by-pass motor, which uses the fan blades as a passage for the air pulled in by the vacuum and is the best motor model available. Normally, the air is first processed by the electrical part, but this motor makes an exception from the rule. The suction power is great, the cooling fan is also very efficient, so this is a good choice in terms of motors. Second of all, they lay their account on the peripheral by-pass motor, which acts as the little brother of the by-pass motor from some points of view. Everything is smaller about it: the size, the price… However, nothing is smaller from an operational point of view. Its efficiency is equally high. In this case, the air leaves the vacuum around the sides. The line of central vacuum motors continues with the through-flow models, which pull in large quantities of air at a time but have some overheating problems in that they do not have a dedicated cooling fan.

Some central vacuum motors are not only more powerful and simply better than others, but they are also safer. Lots of questions regarding the manufacturing process and delivery of such motors have arisen lately, so people tend to be more skeptical. A good central vacuum motor is a safe motor and the other way around and a safe motor is equivalent to a safe environment.

Helpful Motor Information

Ametek-Lamb Motors are no longer being made in the United States. Most of them are assembled in Mexico with parts from Asia and abroad. The chances of you having the same suction power after replacing your motor for your central vacuum system is probably not likely due to the fact that other parts come into play such as gaskets, seals, leakage within the central vacuum itself, and a host of other factors that overall may not give you the same suction power as when it was first made years ago. Is your unit powerful enough? Want more suction power? Noisy, dusty, just not doing the greatest job? Nowadays replacing a central vacuum unit is so easy and affordable. Any consumer, like yourself, can install a new central vacuum system in less than 20 minutes - none of your attachments or internal piping has to be changed.

Changing the carbon brushes in the motor is like doing an oil change on your car - it will make the vacuum motor last much longer if the brushes are replaced regularly. Failing to change the brushes will lead to the motor shutting itself off. You do NOT want to wait until the motor shuts off before changing the brushes because this can cause damage to the motor.