Turbocat Pro - Air Driven Power Head

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Color: Metallic Candy Apple Red
About the Turbocat Pro:
Introducing the Turbocat Pro, the next generation of turbo carpet cleaning. The Turbocat Pro is an air driven power head that is light, yet powerful, and easy to maneuver. Constructed with a sleek low-profile body and strong bumper guards that were made to absorb impact, the Turbocat Pro is perfect for cleaning under tables, couches, and other furniture. Designed for Central Vacuum Systems, this light power head is responsive and very easy to control compared to the heavier electric power heads. 100% satisfaction guaranteed.
Important Need to Know Information: Fits any central vacuum made. Use Pipe With Friction Fit Bottom Only.
We Highly Recommend Changing Your Belt Every 6 months.

Turbocat Pro

Sale Price: $129.95
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Turbocat Pro Power Head Information

5 Star Rated

The next generation of the Turbocat® Series has just arrived! Engineered with exciting HOT NEW FEATURES and CANDY APPLE RED STYLISH PROFILE the Turbocat Pro was also designed with exclusive Z-tech technology. What makes the Turbocat so popular? Simply put millions and millions of consumers have been satisfied. New and improved and over 60% more powerful than its closest competitor’s air driven turbo nozzle, nothing cleans deeper and faster than the Turbocat Pro. Lighter in weight and equipped with a low profile design the Turbocat Pro provides easy to use operation.

Deep Sweep III brush roller:
Helps to sweep up and capture Sand, Dust Mites, Hair, Dirt, Dust, Pollen, Pet Hair and all allergy laden particles.

Insulated Silent Run Bearings:
Allows the Turbocat Pro to provide anti-vibration operation. Insulated bearings offer quiet usage while supporting the high speed turbine. Firmly stabilizing the brush roller these insulated silent run bearings reduce noise levels considerably. The Tubrocat Pro proves that quieter is better!

Productive Bumper:
Turbocat Pro series air-driven nozzles now come with a larger, softer more impact resistant bumper. This custom designed bumper was redeveloped for added protection for your walls, furniture, baseboards and moldings. This bumper is a must while vacuuming especially for house keepers, maid services and cleaning companies.

Superior Edge Cleaning:
Improved body design allows for deeper and more accurate edge cleaning. The Turbocat Pro’s base was designed with deeper cleaning channels, providing better air-flow.

Easy Glide Wheel Assembly:
The next generation Turbocat Pro nozzle has added two new easy-glide front wheels. The easy-glide wheels allow the turbo nozzle to maneuver with ease. Testing has verified improvements in operation compared to older nozzles in the Turbocat® series with these wheels being more responsive to the user the Turbocat pro is backed with a customer satisfaction guaranteed.

Manufactured with not only a better design the Turbocat Pro is more durable, longer lasting and constructed out of top quality materials and components. Offering the latest in air-driven cleaning technology, the Turbocat Pro is a superior carpet attachment that works with all central vacuums and most portable vacuums. The Turbocat Pro improves air-flow with a larger intake port harnessing your vacuums suction power, improving cleaning performance. Its Deep Sweep II brush roller agitates carpet fibers in an advanced waive motion, so that deep dust, dirt and debris to vacuum away quickly and more efficiently. New and improved self-sustaining Turbocat Pro belt design allows the belt to last longer, reduce vibration, noise and provides less maintenance.

Instead of replacing a power head, why not purchase a complete attachment kit?

The most popular accessory for your new central vacuum power head!
Protect your new power head/furniture & baseboards
Helps prevent nicks, dents, chips or scratches that vacuum cleaners cause on furniture, baseboards, walls, and chair legs. This protective cushioned bumper keeps your power head and home looking new. A must for every power head.

Turbocat Pro Warranty - Considered the best warranty in the industry.

Exclusive Lifetime (No Fault) Warranty - EXCLUSIVELY from Thinkvacuums.com

We will fix it or replace it absolutely no charge whether your fault or not. It doesn't matter.

ThinkVacuums.com Red Carpet Treatment!

    Our Free Lifetime Maintenance offer is as easy as 1, 2, 3!
  1. Send in your Turbocat Pro (you cover small shipping charge)
  2. Our trained technicians will clean out, oil / grease, deodorize, and make it shine like new
  3. We send it back to you, ready to be used!
  4. It's really that easy, your satisfaction is 100% Guaranteed
This is an offer ONLY available with Thinkvacuums.com to thank our customers for their continued support and patronage.
Thank you! offer excludes belt & normal wearable parts; offer void if visibly abused, neglected or water damaged

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