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Sanitaire Handle Bolt & Screw

Sanitaire Handle Bolt & Screw

Sale Price: $1.99

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Item Number: 53198
Sanitaire handle bolt holds the metal wand firmly into place.
The Sanitaire bolts and screws are very easy to misplace and lose. Being such a small accessory it is still a very important item to hold your metal wand in place.
Recommendations: For less than a dollar, keep a replacement bolt and screw available near you. It will save you time and effort looking for a different one that fits your Sanitaire system.

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Sale Price: $1.99

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Sanitaire Handle Bolt & Screw #53198 Details

This bolt and screw kit #53198 is useful for holding the metal wand of your Sanitaire vacuum cleaner securely in place. Many people tend to lose or misplace the bolt and screw that holds the metal wand in place. Without these, the cleaning wand becomes difficult to use. Thus, despite being such a small accessory and although selling for less than a dollar, Sanitaire makes sure that these bolt and screw kits are available to all consumers with a Sanitaire vacuum cleaner. The availability of this small but all-important part of your vacuum cleaner helps save you time and effort in looking for a bolt and screw that matches the size allotted for it in your Sanitaire appliance.

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