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Sanitaire Shake-Out Bag

Sanitaire Commercial Shake-Out Bag

Sale Price: $18.95

MSRP: $21.95 You Save: $3.00
Item Number: #54582-1
Fits SC600 & SC800 Series. For Red Sanitaire Vacuums. Includes Bag Assembly with Latch and Slide Spring

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Sale Price: $18.95

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Sanitaire Commercial Shake-Out Bag #54582-1

The Sanitaire commercial shake-out #54582-1 or Sanitaire paper bag system #53506-9 is designed specifically to fit all Red Sanitaire vacuum cleaners in the brand’s SC600 and SC800 series. The whole system is already included in the kit, but you have to choose between two options – the paper bag system and the shake out system.

The paper bag system sells for $29.50 while the shake out system sells for $27.49. The Sanitaire paper bag system means that all the dirt is gathered in a paper bag making it more hygeinic, and easier to dispose the dirt, while the Sanitaire shake out system is Sanitaire’s version of the bagless dump-out system. The bag assembly, regardless of which type you choose, already includes a latch and slide spring.

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