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Sanitaire Hood Spring

Sanitaire Hood Spring

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Item Number: #48410
Replacement spring for hood, fits most Sanitaire commercial units.

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Sale Price: $0.92

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Sanitaire Hood Spring #48410 Description

The Sanitaire metal spring retainer #48410 is an important assembly part for the paper bag system in all Sanitaire bagged vacuum cleaners. This Sanitaire genuine bag retainer is responsible for securing the F&G disposable paper bag on the tube and therefore plays a big role in the cleaning process. This spring retainer is only necessary for Sanitaire vacuum cleaners with a bagged system.

Since this has a spring mechanism, it can get worn out and may cause your F&G paper bag to loosen, thus allowing dust to escape back into the air. Once you notice a weakness in the spring, make sure to check the metal retainer and replace it when necessary.

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