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Sanitaire SL Bags

Sanitaire SL Bags

15 Pack Price: $32.95
50 Pack Price: $109.95
100 Pack Price: $179.95
Model Style: SL Bags
Pack Count: 15/50/100 Bags
For upright models SC782 and SC785. 99.7% filtration. The Sanitaire style SL vacuum bags are a must have for allergy sufferers! These Micro Filtration vacuum bags trap microscopic particles and allergens. For optimum performance change bag every 1 to 2 months. Store bags in a clean, dry place.
For installation, view instructions below.

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Sanitaire SL Bags - Replacement Instructions

Note: Turn off the switch and unplug the electrical cord before servicing the bag. Never operate the vacuum cleaner without the dust bag.

  1. Remove used disposable dust bag.
    To release used bag, push up on bag release on inside of bag compartment and pull used bag down and out.
  2. Install new disposable dust bag.
    Find bag rails on the inside of the dust compartment. Place the bag collar notches side out of new bag on the front of the bag rails. Push bag collar allowing it to follow the rails up inside the bag compartment. Push bag release button, pull bag collar up into bag release Release button. The bag is installed.
  3. Replace front cover.
    Place tabs on bottom of front cover into slots at the bottom of the bag compartment. Push up and against the body of cleaner until it snaps into place.

Change the dust bag frequently if vacuuming fine particles like powder, plaster dust, or fine road dust. Some fine particles can restrict airflow very quickly and will decrease performance even before the bag appears to be full.

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