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Sanitaire Steel Motor Pulley

Sanitaire Steel Motor Pulley

Sale Price: $4.98

MSRP: $7.98 You Save: $3.00
Item Number: #37012
We highly recommend changing once every 6 months.

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Sale Price: $4.98

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Sanitaire Steel Motor Pulley #37012 Description

The Sanitaire steel motor pulley #37012 is an integral part of the motor of your Sanitaire vacuum cleaner. Since this part has to be changed once every 6 months, it is a good thing it is easily available from Sanitaire.

Don’t forget to purchase this part and replace it regularly to make sure your vacuum cleaner’s motor delivers its maximum performance level. For only $2.98, you can revive the original strength and power of your vacuum cleaner’s motor. This is one of the small replacement parts that can make a difference in the overall longevity and life span of your vacuum cleaner.

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