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Sanitaire Magnet

Sanitaire Magnet

12 Inch Price: $15.49
16 Inch Price: $18.10
Picks up metal objects to prevent motor damage.
Easy to install, just follow the instructions below.

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Sanitaire Magnet Description

Any foreign metal objects that somehow come into contact with your vacuum cleaner motor can greatly compromise its performance and longevity. Unfortunately, most consumers are not even aware of the presence of these metal objects, which can cause premature damage to their vacuum cleaner models. But how will you know if your motor has some unwanted metal objects without dismantling your vacuum cleaner?

Well, this convenient Sanitaire magnet can help pick up any metal object that may cause motor damage. This simple and affordable accessory can greatly protect your motor from any damage caused by metal objects to make sure it lasts as long as it should.


Lifetime magnets pick up metal objects across the entire front of the vacuum cleaner. Will NEVER lose their magnetism. Magnet Clean will pick up metal objects such as pins, nails, paper clips, staples, tacks, nuts, bolts, needles, screws and much more.


Protects against breaking fans, torn bags, broken belts, jammed motors (which can cause motor burn outs), sharp objects from sticking in or protruding thru hose and much more. Helps to protect babies, bare feet and more from sharp objects injuring them.


Mount adapts to the shape of any cleaning equipment.


Magnet Clean will save money and time. Helps to eliminate costly services or repair bills. Picks up from side to side of vacuum cleaner.

Installation Instructions:

  1. Remove E-Z Off cover from Magnet Clean.
  2. Remove brush roll from vacuum cleaner (so you don't drill any holes in it).
  3. Put height adjustment in lowest position to the floor.
  4. Remove paper backing from Magnet Clean, center and stick on bumper 1/2" to 3/4" of an inch above floor.
  5. Drill holes with #30 drill (1/8"). Attach with screws included, or rivet on with 1/8" x 3/4" rivets. (The adhesive backing will not hold by itself) If screws are too long, cut excess.
  6. Attach at both ends and between magnets.
  7. Replace brush roll and E-Z Off cover.

How To Remove Metal From Magnet

Place cleaner with Magnet Clean over a waste basket and remove the cover and the metal will fall free. Replace cover and its ready to go. Or tip the cleaner on its side and place newspaper under Magnet Clean and remove the cover and the metal will fall onto the newspaper. Then put the newspaper and metal in the waste basket. Replace cover and its ready to go.

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