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Sanitaire VGI Brush Strips

Sanitaire VGI Brush Strips

12 Inch Price: $6.50

16 Inch Price: $8.89

12 Inch Item No: 52140
16 Inch Item No: 52264
Strip Size: 12 or 16 Inch
Replacement brush strips, model VG-I. Fits most Sanitaire units. These Sanitaire VG-I brush strips are used to replace worn out brush bristles on your Sanitaire vacuum cleaner brush rollers. Since VG-I brush rollers also come in two sizes, a 12-incher and a 16-incher, the VG-I brush strips also offer the same options.
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Sanitaire VGI Brush Strips #52264 Details

The genuine Sanitaire aluminum VGI brush roller is an aluminum brush roller that comes in two sizes to fit different models of Sanitaire vacuum cleaners. The 12-inch brush roller costs only $44.50, while the 16-inch brush roller is priced at $49.50. Both brush rollers are made of aluminum, which means they are also durable but are a lighter version and more affordable version compared to the steel brush rollers that are also available from Sanitaire. Take note, however, that the rubber grommets are sold separately. Nevertheless, these brush rollers make an invaluable addition to your collection of vacuum cleaner accessories.

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