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Sanitaire VGII Brush Strips

Sanitaire VGII Brush Strips

12 Inch Price: $6.50

16 Inch Price: $11.04

12 Inch Item No: 52282-4
16 Inch Item No: 53271
Strip Size: 12 or 16 Inch
Brush Strips Replacement brush strips, model VG-II. Fits most Sanitaire units. These brush strips are replacements for your brush rollers, to give them brand new bristles for a better clean. Just as Sanitaire has 12 and 16 inch vacuums, these brush strips are sold as 12 and 16 inches as well.
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Sanitaire VGII Brush Strips #52282-4 Details

The genuine Sanitaire VG-II brush strips #52282-4 are specifically designed to fit VG-II model brush rolls. These replacement brush strips can make your brush roll work like new again thanks to their genuine bristles, which are guaranteed to be as long lasting as the original bristles. These VG II brush strips can be used with most Sanitaire units as long as you are also using a VG-II brush roll. You just have to select the right size of brush strip; available options are 12 inches and 16 inches. The 12-inch brush strip is designed for 12-inch brush rolls as well; the strips cost just $4.45, while the 16-incher costs $8.99. Many Sanitaire vacuum cleaner owners prefer the VG II sets because they are more affordable.

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