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Sanitaire SC6093
Sanitaire SC6093 Commercial Wide Area Vacuum

Sanitaire SC6093 Wide Area Vacuum

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Model # SC6093
UPC: 023169 13627 4
Power: 10 Amp
Brush Speed: 3500 RPM
Dust Containment: Bagged System
Capacity: 1296 In3
Cleaning Path: 28"
Color: Rich Red & Black
Warranty: 2 Year
Weight: 90 lbs

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Sale Price: $1348.50

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Sanitaire SC6093

Sanitaire SC6093 Commercial Wide Area Vacuum

The Sanitaire SC6093 is a wide area vacuum for commercial uses. Cut your cleaning time in almost half with the wide area SC6093 vacuum. This unit has a large 28” cleaning path that is perfect for cleaning stadiums, auditoriums, schools, convention centers, schools, and other large carpeted areas. Powered by a 10 amp motor, the Sanitaire SC6093 has a brush speed of 3500RPM for its 3” diameter Quadra sweep bristled brush.

The Sanitaire SC6093 has a large 1296 cubic inch bag capacity; you can cover large areas without having to empty as fast as usual. The height adjustment is foot operated and has 5 carpet positions, allowing the user to quickly transitions to different cleaning surfaces, ensuring that dirt, dust, and debris are all removed the first time.

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Why Sanitaire?

Brand Awareness – More than 9 in 10 cleaning services (93%) named Sanitaire in overall brand awareness.

Quality – The Sanitaire brand was rated #1 in overall quality by cleaning services.

Innovation – Sanitaire develops thoughtful cleaning solutions by designing products based on focus group data collected from actual End Users.

Value – The Sanitaire brand was rated #1 in overall value by cleaning services.

Green Cleaning – With one of the best filtering uprights in the industry, Sanitaire provides the widest variety of CRI certified vacuums. In addition, Sanitaire offer 7 vacuums that meet LEED requirements.

Reputation – Cleaning services indicated that the primary upright vacuum they used was a Sanitaire. Prior experience with the brand was the most often (70%) cited reason for brand selection. A majority (90%) are likely to purchase the same brand again.

Service – The Sanitaire brand was rated #1 in ease of maintenance by cleaning services. Sanitaire is backed by a network of nearly 1200 warranty service centers across the United States.

Warranty - Sanitaire products are backed by the Sanitaire Promise of Performance warranty which warrants parts, materials, workmanship and labor to further reduce maintenance costs and downtime.

Sanitaire SC6093 Wide Vacuum Features

  • Power: 10 Amp
  • Cord: 60ft
  • Brush Speed: 3500 RPM
  • Brush: 3" Diameter, Quadra Sweep Bristles
  • Bag Capacity: 1296 Cubic Inches
  • Cleaning Path: 28”
  • Height Adjustment: 5 Carpet Positions - Foot Operated
  • Dust Containment: Bag
  • Handle: Steel Folding
  • UPC: 023169 13627 4
  • Product Weight: 90 lbs.
  • Package Dimension: 37" x 32" x 16“
  • Package Weight: 74 lbs.
  • Warranty: 2 Year

Warranty for the Sanitaire SC6093 Wide Area Vacuum

The Sanitaire SC6093 is covered under a 2 Year Warranty.

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