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Sanitaire SC887B Upright Vacuum

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Model # SC887B
UPC: 0 2316910319 1
Motor Amps: 7
Motor Watts: 840
Motor CFM: 145
Decibels: 79
Filtration: Standard
Dirt Capacity: 1.9 Quarts
Cleaning Path: 12"
Weight: 18.4 lbs

Dust Cup Vacuums: SC689 | SC887 | SC882

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Sale Price: $197.00

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    Sanitaire SC887B Maintenance Box
    Price: $39.25
  • Change Often
    Replacement round belts for the Sanitaire SC887B
  • Genuine Brush
    12 inch metal brush roller for the Sanitaire SC887B
    Price: $28.25
  • Metal Pickup
    Sanitaire magnet to pick up paper clips and other metals.
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    Price: $14.95

Sanitaire SC887B

Sanitaire SC887B Commercial Vacuum

The Sanitaire SC887-B, known simply as Sanitaire 887, is one of the brand’s Quick Kleen models. Essentially, it is the bagless counterpart of the 886 model. Aside from being bagless, the 887-B is mostly similar to the 886 in terms of features and capabilities. As such, the 887 can be considered as a light duty upright vacuum cleaner. Although it has a wide reach and cleans effectively, it is not recommended for commercial areas that are exposed to huge amounts of dirt and dust. It is therefore only ideal for enclosed offices and retail stores where the dust is fairly limited and high filtration is not necessary. When used for the right purposes, the 887-B can deliver superior cleaning without requiring too much effort from the user.

Sanitaire SC887B Overview
The Sanitaire SC887-B is not one of the brand’s best commercial vacuum cleaners, but it does have a niche of its own. By being specifically designed for light duty cleaning, the SC887-B offers commercial users with lighter needs a more affordable option that foregoes the more expensive but unnecessary features that often come with higher-priced models.

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Top Accessories
The main accessory that comes with the 887 is the Vibra-Groomer II Agitator, which features a double ball bearing chrome steel body and convenient replaceable bristle strips.

Benefits for the SC887B Commercial Vacuum

  • The EZ Kleen dust cup system is equipped with a quick release latch system that allows the dust cup to pivot away from the bag. This technique makes it easy for the bag to empty. This is then supported by the Quick Kleen base assembly, which offers easier access to the base to make maintenance and cleaning easier.
  • The SC887-B may not be a heavy duty vacuum cleaner, but in its focus on user convenience, it is able to provide the small useful features that many other brands and models overlook. These include the clear dust cup, which allows you to see when the dust cup is already full; instead of placing a dust cup indicator, which is sure to hike up the price of the equipment, Sanitaire opted for a clear material that helped make the 887 more practical.
  • With a lifetime lubricated motor, you don’t have to worry about wear and tear; the SC887-B’s motor can last a long time without requiring maintenance.
  • To protect the vacuum cleaner, the 887 comes with a wide protective vinyl bumper around it.
  • The chrome steel handle not only adds a sleek appearance to the SC887, but also provides lasting usage with its durable construction. It also goes nicely with the chrome steel motor hood of the machine.
  • Despite its light cleaning restrictions, the 887 is UL listed for commercial use and also meets OSHA specifications for commercial applications.
  • The large easy-roll wheels make navigating and maneuvering easier.
  • By adjusting to 6 different heights, the SC887 can tackle various types of carpeting, from low pile to thick pile.

Sanitaire SC887B Upright Vacuum Features

  • Powerful 7 amp / 840 watt /145 CFM
  • Lifetime Lubricated Motor
  • 6 Level Carpet Height Adjustment
  • Dust Cup System : The quick release latch system allows the dust cup to pivot away from the bag making it easy to empty.
  • Dust cup capacity : 1.9 dry qt.
  • Cleaning path : 12 Inch Width
  • Cord Length : 50'
  • Sound level at the operator : 79 dB
  • Brushroll : VGII, double ball bearing chrome steel with Replaceable Bristle Strips.
  • Product weight : 18.4 lbs.
  • Don't forget to order your VacuBumper (Order to the right)
  • 50 Foot 3-wire Grounded Cord
  • Wide Protective Vinyl Bumper
  • Chrome Steel Handle
  • Reinforced Quick Kleen Base Assembly
  • Chrome Steel Motor Hood

Sanitaire SC887B Video Review

The Sanitaire® Commercial Limited Warranty

Two year warranty for the Sanitaire SC887B Commercial Upright Vacuum

Your Sanitaire commercial cleaner is warranted to be free from all defects in material and workmanship in normal use FOR A PERIOD OF TWO YEARS (Models SC678, SC679, SC689 are warranted for ONE YEAR). The warranty is granted only to the original purchaser of the cleaner. The warranty is subject to the following provisions.

Parts of the cleaner that require replacement under normal use, such as bumpers, filters, bristle strips, bags, belts, light bulbs and hoses. Damages or malfunctions caused by negligence, abuse, or use not in accordance with Owner’s Guide. Defects or damages caused by unauthorized service.

The E.H.C.P. Company will, at its option, repair or replace a defective cleaner or cleaner part that is covered by this warranty. As a matter of warranty policy, the E.H.C.P. Company will not refund the consumer’s purchase price.

To obtain warranty service you must return the defective cleaner or cleaner part along with proof of purchase to any Sanitaire Authorized Warranty Station. You will find the nearest location in the Yellow Pages under “Vacuum Cleaners-Service and Repair.” Be certain that the Warranty Station is “Sanitaire Authorized.”

For the location of the nearest Sanitaire Authorized Warranty Station or for service information, telephone toll free: 1-800-800-8975 or write to:

Service Division,
807 North Main Street
Bloomington, IL 61701

If it is necessary to ship the cleaner outside your community to obtain warranty repair, you must pay the shipping charges to the Sanitaire Authorized Warranty Station. Return shipping charges will be paid by the Warranty Station. When returning parts for repair, please include the model, type, and serial numbers from the data plate on the cleaner.

Any warranty that may be implied in connection with your purchase or use of the cleaner, including any warranty of MERCHANT ABILITY or any warranty for FITNESS FOR A PARTICULAR PURPOSE is limited to the duration of this warranty. Some states do not allow limitations on how long an implied warranty lasts, so the above limitations may not apply to you.

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