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  • Square Footage (Covers): 4000
  • 499.99

    Drainvac Little Giant System

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    DrainVac's Little Giant provides an unparalleled quiet vacuuming experience due to sound supression by the power unit's acoustic foam lining. Suitable for homes under 4,500 square feet, the DrainVac Little Giant is available in either a 4 or 9 gallon unit. The Little Giant also packs a mighty punch, as it provides high suction power and water lifts up to 190".
    • Square Footage 4000
    • Waterlift 128
    • Max Air Watts 670
    • CFM 148
    Attention Consumer

    Important Maintenance Tips: Drainvac highly recommends changing your bags every 2-3 months to keep your vacuum running properly, don't forget to order your must haves and related items below.

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    Read about the Drainvac Little Giant System

    Drainvac Little GiantDrainvac Little GiantThe Drainvac Little Giant 4 Gallon unit is ideal for customers that want a compact sized unit and have a small area to work with. The Drainvac Little Giant 9 Gallon unit is ideal for customers that have larger homes, pets, lots of hair, and vacuum very often.

    Easy to install. Easy to use. Easy to clean. But best of all, it’s easy on the pocket. The saying goes "Big things come in small packages" introducing the Drainvac Little Giant! Small but mighty, this vacuum is more than meets the eye with its giant performance. Drainvac International has designed this model to meet and exceed the customers’ expectations on power, performance, and durability. The Drainvac is available in either 4 or 9 gal. dirt capacity. 

    Equipped with hand selected European designed DOMEL motors, this vacuum can reach peak performance lasting 20-25 years if not more. How quiet is this vacuum? Absolutely silent! The Drainvac Light Giant is quieter than any and we mean ANY central vacuum in its class. Engineered with sound suppression acoustic foam lining not only is the quietest but best central vacuum money can buy. The Little Giant suppresses sound levels and vibration noise from 56db at 3 ft. to 53db at 12 ft. Yet another reason Drainvac ranks as one of the best choice vacuums of customers. The Drainvac Little Giant Unit is suitable for under 4,500 square feet.

    Drainvac Little GiantThe Little Giant will far exceed your expectations, offer supreme suction, offer quiet operation and provide years of durability. We will guarantee it or your full money back.

    P.S. This unit is great for the environment being manufactured to be part of the Green Initiative. Offering better filtration, conserving energy, 98% total recyclable and with filtering your exhaust with an Activac II Hepa system the Little Giant vents less debris back into the environment! Happy and healthy vacuuming from Drainvac!

    Drainvac Little GiantDrainvac Little Giant











    DrainVac Little Giant Power Unit Specs

    Drainvac Little GiantDrainvac is considered as one of the top companies manufacturing and providing household vacuum solutions. Some important reasons for the popularity of Drainvac vacuum systems include:

    • Patented automatic drain: Drainvac is the first vacuum product in the world that was marketed with a patented automatic draining system for wet as well as dry cleaning. Drainvac has developed and is currently marketing an entire range of central vacuum systems with the patented automatic draining technology for the domestic use as well as commercial and industrial use.
    • High Suction Power: Drainvac guarantees superior suction in their vacuum products by offering water lifts of up to 190". The suction power is strong enough to unclog a sink.
    • Easy to Use: Drainvac vacuum systems are easy to use. All you have to do is plug the flexible hose to one of the vacuum system inlets and start cleaning your home.
    • Reliability: Drainvac vacuum systems are extremely reliable. Drainvac vacuum systems are the only central vacuum systems in the world that come with large tanks. The tanks are made from a mixture of polyethylene, galvanized steel or stainless steel. These materials are unbreakable as well as rustproof and this is what makes the tank durable and gives it long-life.
    • No Noise: Drainvac central vacuum systems will be installed at a secluded location or in your garage so that there is no noise disturbance in your home when you are operating it. Some of the Drainvac central vacuums systems are even soundproof while some of the systems produce a maximum of 58 decibels, which is as good as being quiet.
    • Personalized Systems: One of the most important aspects of Drainvac vacuum systems is that they can be personalized to suit your requirements. Depending on your requirement, you can choose a system with a particular motor or suction capability, cartridge and bag, air flow, filtration capacity, water lift, noise decibel, and much more.


    Specifications of the Drainvac Little Giant System

    • Square Footage 4000
    • Waterlift 128
    • Max Air Watts 670
    • CFM 148
    • System Type Hybrid
    • Capacity (Gallons) 4.00 or 9.00
    • Color White
    • Weight (lbs) 10.0000
    • Visual Interface None
    • Filter Type Caged
    • Filtration silver clear
    • Filter Washable? Yes
    • Voltage 120
    • Amps 13.40
    • Decibels 60
    • Utility Valve? Yes

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    Need motor information: who makes it, what size, what material?


    No answers yet. Be the first to answers the question!
    I know it is recommended, but do you have to use a bag with this system? I bought one a couple years ago, and am curious if I can use without a bag. Thank you


    Tom you can use the system as a bag-less system, however you will need to maintain the permanent filter more often. It is better for the motor over time to be protected by the double filtration of a bag and the motor filter.