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Drainvac Central Vacuums

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Drainvac USA, Drainvac International


Drainvac vacuum systems have captured the global market due to its years of experience and innovation. It all started with the carpet cleaning service offered by Conrad Sévigny who was able to extract soiled water with ease during his sessions. During this time, Sévigny also started working on a prototype of a carpet-cleaning water extractor, which was introduced in the market in 1982. This carpet-cleaning water extractor had a built-in automatic drain technology. In the same year (1982), Conrad Sévigny founded Drainvac, a small family business in St. Hyacinthe, Canada. By 2006, Drainvac International Inc., was a world leader and today it has numerous retailers and a strong distribution network in North America as well as 20 countries across the world.


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Top Products by Drainvac

The top Drainvac vacuum systems in the Pro, 1000,

Génération 2 & Summum Series include:

SERIE PRO: has a single motor of 11amps, 500-600 airwatts,

73 Decibels, 3.75-9 Gallon capacity,
12" dia. x 23" and 15" dia. x 28" diameter. The models include:





SERIE 1000: has a single motor of 11amps, 500-700 airwatts,

58-60 Decibels, 3.75 Gallon capacity,
12" dia. x 23" and 15" dia. x 28" diameter. The models include:



SERIE GÉNÉRATION: has a 1-2 motors of 11-14.5 amps, 500-700 airwatts, 58-63 Decibels,
9 Gallon capacity, and 15" dia. x 28" diameter. The models include:





SERIE SUMMUM: has a 1-2 motors of 12.5-14.5 amps, 700-1040 airwatts, 58-63 Decibels,
9 Gallon capacity, and 15" dia. x 28" diameter. The models include:





Drainvac vacuum systems are also available in the regular series and automatic series for residential use. Some of the significant points of the vacuum systems from the regular series include:


United States, Canada, Russia, China, Latvia, Czech Republic, U.K., France, Spain, Portugal, Germany, Poland, Hungaria, Switzerland, Lithuania, Estonia, Belgium, Belarus, Ukraine, Italy, Tunisia, Austria, Bulfaria, Morroco

History & Mission

Who knew?
Drainvac USA & Drainvac International is the result of years of experience and inventiveness. It all began with Conrad Sevigny's carpet cleaning service. As he worked, Sevigny's clients observed that the extracted soiled water was being directed to a tank, which had to be emptied each time it was full. They wondered if there might be an easier way to get the job done. Sevigny started working on his prototypical carpet-cleaning water extractor, which first saw the light in 1982. It was built with patented automatic drain technology. The process was easy; place the extractor tank on the top of a toilet bowl and attach the hose to a nearby tap. The soiled water from the carper is directed to the tank. Once the tank is full, the water is automatically flushed into the sewer system. Then, the extractor restarts itself to continue cleaning the carpet. The whole process was much simpler and much quicker.

When Conrad Sevigny founded Drainvac in 1982, the little family business in St. Hyacinthe, Canada, quickly turned into the thriving enterprise that it is today. A leader in it's field, Drainvac International Inc. boasts numerous retailers in North America and an impressive distribution network in over 20 countries worldwide.

Drainvac's mission is to provide excellent service to it's customers, to deliver excellent products to it's distributors and retailers, and to break new ground in vacuum cleaner technology. As well, Drainvac aims to offer ideal working conditions for it's employees.


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Reasons for buying Drainvac vacuum products

Drainvac is considered as one of the top companies manufacturing and providing household vacuum solutions. Some of the important reasons for the popularity of Drainvac vacuum systems include:

Patented automatic drain: Drainvac is the first vacuum product in the world that was marketed with a patented automatic draining system for wet as well as dry cleaning. Drainvac has developed and is currently marketing an entire range of central vacuum systems with the patented automatic draining technology for the domestic use as well as commercial and industrial use. 

High Suction Power: Drainvac guarantees superior suction in their vacuum products by offering water lifts of up to 190”. The suction power is strong enough to unclog a sink.

Easy to Use: Drainvac vacuum systems are easy to use. All you have to do is plug the flexible hose to one of the vacuum system inlets and start cleaning your home.

Reliability: Drainvac vacuum systems are extremely reliable. Drainvac vacuum systems are the only central vacuum systems in the world that come with large tanks. The tanks are made from a mixture of polyethylene, galvanized steel or stainless steel. These materials are unbreakable as well as rustproof and this is what makes the tank durable and gives it long-life.

No Noise: Drainvac central vacuum systems will be installed at a secluded location or in your garage so that there is no noise disturbance in your home when you are operating it. Some of the Drainvac central vacuums systems are even soundproof while some of the systems produce a maximum of 58 decibels, which is as good as being quiet.

Personalized Systems: One of the most important aspects of Drainvac vacuum systems is that they can be personalized to suit your requirements. Depending on your requirement, you can choose a system with a particular motor or suction capability, cartridge and bag, air flow, filtration capacity, water lift, noise decibel, and much more.

Types of Drainvac Vacuum Systems: Drainvac central vacuums systems are available in three different categories depending on the application and this includes:


·  Residential Application

·  Commercial Application

·  Industrial Application


The top selling Drainvac central vacuums systems for residential application are the Pro, 1000, Génération 2 & Summum Series. These vacuum systems have been designed to offer efficient cleaning in homes, condos, apartments, as well as RVs. Some of the advantages of the Drainvac residential central vacuum systems are:


·   They are compact and easy to use

·   The suction capability is almost 15% stronger than any other vacuum system in the category

·   These vacuum systems have built-in antibacterial filter as well as large bags for easy collection of dust and improved air quality

·   Models in this category are available with large-capacity bags, which means that you will need to replace them only once in a year

·   The Drainvac central vacuums systems have highly reduced noise levels

·   There are different models of Drainvac central vacuums systems available for different purposes, homes and budgets.


Drainvac central vacuums systems have been designed in such a way that they will reduce the cleaning time immensely. You can easily install these central vacuum systems in apartments, condos, cottages, houses, and even on RVs. They can also be used in the commercial sector like in departmental stores, office buildings, hospitals, hotels, restaurants, schools, factories, and warehouses among many others.

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