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DuoVac Central Vacuums

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Duovac Central Vacuums


DuoVac is a Canadian home electronics company that was founded in 1967. Since then it has come a long way in making its presence felt in the worldwide market for vacuum cleaning products. DuoVac is considered as one of the leaders in design and development, manufacturing, and distribution of innovative and state of the art central vacuum systems. With its headquarters in Laval, Quebec, Canada, DuoVac has been manufacturing central vacuum systems that are convenient, affordable, and faster. Their main area of focus is providing vacuum cleaners that offer better air quality and high performance.


Top Products by DuoVac

There are several models of DuoVac vacuum cleaners available that can be classified under the following categories:

  DuoVac Silentium  DuoVac Signature DuoVac Symphonia  DuoVac Symphonia Special Edition DuoVac Simplici-T DuoVac Kompact

Model SIL1528Q: DuoVac Silentium® central vacuum system

The DuoVac Silentium® series of central vacuum systems are considered as one of the quietest vacuum systems in the world. This has been made possible using unique and cutting-edge technology, which can help in lowering the decibel level without lowering the power. Here are some of the salient features of the model SIL1528Q:


·      The true maximum suction power is 614 Airwatts

·      It provides a water lift of 128"

·      It comes with a venting option and offers a maximum airflow of 114.50 CFM

·      The total dirt capacity of this DuoVac Silentium central vacuum system is 7.6 gallons

·      The type of filtration used in this system is called German Herculon Filtration

·      The vacuum cleaner is enabled with DUO Acoustic™ and DUO Life™ technology


Model SIG1653AS-Plus Anniversary: A DuoVac Signature™ central vacuum system

The SIG1653AS is a part of the DuoVac ‘Simply more convenient™’ series and is driven by an Ametek/Lamb motor. Here are some of the salient features of this DuoVac anniversary plus signature model:


·      The true maximum suction power is over 700 Airwatts

·      It provides an unbelievable water lift

·      It comes with a venting option and offers a maximum airflow of 131.8 CFM

·      The total dirt capacity of this DuoVac Signature central vacuum system is 7.8 gallons

·      The type of filtration used in this system is called German Herculon Filtration

·      The body of this central vacuum system unit is made from brushed stainless steel and thus is durable

·      The vacuum cleaner is enabled with DUO Acoustic™ and DUO Life™ technology


Reasons for buying DuoVac central vacuum products

DuoVac offers a wide range of vacuum cleaners enabled with advanced technology. The technically advanced central vacuum systems by DuoVac are the result of innovative and efficient manufacturing techniques. Here are some of the important reasons for investing in DuoVac central vacuum systems:


The Five Families: DuoVac has created five specific central vacuum system families that are classified as ‘Simply more convenient™’. Each of the central vacuum systems in their respective families has specific individual features that enable better and more powerful cleaning. Each of the models in this category has been cleverly designed and manufactured using materials of the highest quality. The five categories are:


1. DuoVac Silentium®

2. DuoVac Signature™

3. DuoVac Symphonia™

4. DuoVac Simplici™

5. DuoVac Kompact™


Convenience: DuoVac has manufactured their central vacuum systems to offer convenience.

 Here are some of the reasons why DuoVac central vacuums are considered to be extremely convenient:


·      Maintenance of the central vacuums are easy

·      The DuoVac central vacuums are available with custom-fitted accessories

·      They offer more vacuuming power compared to any other standard vacuum cleaner or any portable units. This basically means that you will never have to vacuum the same area twice over

·      The central vacuum systems by DuoVac have a strong and effective filtration system as a result no venting is required

·      The central vacuums are available with re-usable, machine-washable filters

·      DuoVac central vacuums are available with large capacity dust receptacles with a maximum of up to 36 liters. This helps in reducing the total number of times you might need to empty it

·      All DuoVac central vacuum systems have been manufactured using the highest standard of materials and vacuum cleaner parts, which minimizes service requirements and calls.


Superior filtration efficiency: All DuoVac central vacuum systems offer superior filtration efficiency. This basically means that the efficiency level is 0.1 microns at 97.5% efficiency. As a result there will be no need to exhaust vent outside the home. The filtration technology used in DuoVac central vacuum systems ensures that no allergens or dust particles get stirred and there are no suspended dirt particles in the air within your home.


Strong Motor and better cleaning: DuoVac central vacuum systems consist of Ametek motors, which are considered to be one of the best and strong performers in the world. Apart from the performance of the motor, these vacuum systems offer a high level of efficiency due to the highly advanced DuoFibre Quick™ filtration system. All DuoVac central vacuum systems consist of an oval-shaped DuoMax™ dust receptacle. The power of the motor and the filtration technology put together helps in amplifying the cyclonic effect and enables 3 to 4 times more cleaning power as compared to portable or standard vacuum cleaners.

Easy to Install & Compact: The DuoVac central vacuums are easy to install. They have been made using stainless steel or aluminum and this makes the system strong and durable. They can easily clean 2,000 to 10,000 square feet homes and can be installed with ease in new homes as well as old homes.

Warranty: DuoVac central vacuum systems for residential use come with a lifetime warranty and this vary from one model to another. The latest from DuoVac, SYM1653A Anniversary and SIG1653AS-Plus Anniversary are available with limited lifetime warranty. Under the terms of this warranty and the principles of satisfaction guarantee, if within twelve (12) months from the date of purchase of your power unit, the performance of the Duovac power unit does not match your expectations, return it to the Duovac merchant from which you purchased the unit and you will receive a credit on the purchase of a superior model. The cost of labor for installation and taxes related to the purchase of the system are excluded. In addition, this warranty does not apply if the purchase of the unit has been made “online”.

In 2007, the Duo Vac product line of NuEra - Air , a division of NuEra International, celebrated its 40th anniversary. NuEra - Air, based in Laval, Quebec, consolidates the brand names of two floor care specialists - Duo Vac and Husky. All administrative, manufacturing and warehousing activities operate through the 40,000 square foot Laval facility. Duo Vac was founded in 1967 in St. Faustin, Quebec. In 1981, it was purchased by Montreal entrepreneur, who in 1994, aggressively launched Duo Vac’s European growth. It now has No #1 or #2 market share in many European countries. In 2000, Duo Vac was joined by a private Canadian merchant bank which became the eventual sole stockholder and was the predecessor company to NuEra International.

Duo Vac products are exported to 47 different countries in North America, South America, Europe, the Middle East, Africa and the Far East. In Canada, the company is now the largest central vacuum manufacturer. It has won the prestigious “Legers and Legers” – an independent marketing pollster- consumers preference award for fourteen (14) consecutive years. The significance of this award is that the polling area of northeastern Canada is the cradle of the North American central vacuum industry and has the highest concentration of users and manufactures in the world. This knowledgeable and experienced user base selected the Duo Vac brand as their central vacuum of choice.

All of the Duo Vac central vacuum power units are built with DuoLife long lasting Ametek-Lamb motors. There are choices of filtered cyclonic or paper bag systems. The high performance Duo-Fibre Quick filtration system has been designed to last the life of the machine and has one of the industries largest filtering areas. This has two important benefits…it prolongs the motor life and maintains suction power. Additionally, the German engineered Herculon triple layered spot welded filter media has the capacity to filter particles as fine as flour or gypsum board dust at 0.1 micron @ 97.5% efficiency while maintaining its “breathability” and power. The units may, also, be equipped with the innovative “whisper quiet” DuoAcoustic silencing technology. The Silentium, also, includes the DuoSmart “intelligent” service indicator module. The LED pressure sensitive and timing initiated displays, both on the power unit and on the hose handle note the emptying, cleaning and maintenance intervals. Some of other standard and time proven Duo Vac features include: a seamless rust resistant aluminum and steel canisters, the oval shaped cyclonic enhancing bottom canisters, baked epoxy powder scratch resistant paint on all interior and exterior surfaces, a washable and reusable filter medium, a compression mounted motor assembly, anti-vibration gasketed housing ports, the DuoLife motors with up to 1,500 hours carbon brush life, and large light weight DuoMax 5, 6 and 9 gallon capacity dust cannisters.

In the North American market, the Duo Vac product line has been used extensively in both residential and, because of its engineered durability, commercial applications. It has been used in nationwide applications for daily facility maintenance– shoe stores, book stores, drug stores, restaurants, jewelry stores, hair salons, department stores, college dorms, office buildings, banks, schools, hospitals, theaters, gyms, hotels/motels, etc.. The prestigious client list has included: Sony Electronics, Nike, Genovese Drug Stores, Nine West Shoes, Aldo Shoes, Garage USA, Syms Department Stores, Jos. A. Banks, Easy Spirit Shoes, San Remo Gift Shops, Levi’s by Designs Clothing Stores, Walden Books, Regis Hair Salons, Royal Doulton, Carter’s Children’s Wear, A.T & T. Phone Stores, Florsheim Shoes, Helzberg Diamonds, I.H.O.P., Holiday Inns, Sirloin Stockade, etc..

Duo Vac has an established international reputation for quality and innovation. Continuing with Duo Vac’s legacy and in celebration of its anniversary, it has added the new Symphonia Special Edition and the Kompact to its current “S” series product line – the ultra-quiet Silentium, the seamless aluminum Signature, the best
selling Symphonia and the cost effective Simplici-T. The five distinct lines have various models at varying price points appealing to all categories of users and buyers.

The Symphonia Special Edition has a motor sport inspired marketing theme. The unit is powered by an innovative and more powerful Ametek-Lamb motor. The motor has 5.7” fan diameter, a tangential discharge and a dual tapered double stage fan
system with a high efficiency diffuser. The new technology generates 653 air watts, 148” of water lift and 129.8 CFM’s. The units are painted in a baked high gloss intense scratch resistant epoxy with a choice of racing inspired Yellow, Red or Black color
schemes. An external muffler is, also, included with the power unit. Additionally, the Symphonia Special Edition will be launched in a coordinated new multi-language packaging, an in-store/show racing product podium and pop-up banners/displays. In summary, a new product that offers more value for the same price.

The Duo Vac Kompact is an entry level complete central vacuum system designed for an approximate 1,800 square foot coverage. It is powered by the newly developed Ametek-Lamb Advantek II – Plus flow-thru motor. It generates 453 air watts, 108” of water lift and 119.5 C.F.M.’s. The body is a royal blue baked epoxy painted metal with clear coat aluminum cover and lower casing. It has a 5 gallon top fill dust receptacle paper bag system for easy debris disposal. The Kompact’s small size, 13”w x 22”h, makes it adaptable to fit under a sink counter, in a utility closet, laundry room, etc. It can be mounted either horizontally or vertically to accommodate space requirements. The power unit and a ten (10) piece accessory kit is conveniently packaged in one (1) box. The accessory kit includes a 30 foot hose, a hose hanger, a telescopic wand, four (4) cleaning tools, a tool caddy, an exhaust muffler and three (3) paper dust bags/filters. The Duo Vac Kompact is an outstanding all-inclusive product for a great economic value.

The Duo Vac warranty/guarantee is a unique multi-stage progressive program. It includes a primary industry leading one (1) year power unit product satisfaction or 100% money back guarantee. An initial three (3) year 100% labor and parts guarantee and an additional two (2) year parts warranty for all power unit components. All accessories, hoses and carpet sweepers have a two (2) year parts warranty.

As the corporate mission states: “ NuEra Air strives to be the world leader in innovation, design and production of central vacuum systems and air solutions that provide a better living environment for residential and commercial markets. Our products are the most convenient, best performing and durable in the industry.”

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