Electrolux Testimonials

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I would just like to provide you with some feedback with regard to my recent central vacuum purchase..

I would just like to provide you with some feedback with regard to my recent central vacuum purchase from your company. I had the pleasure of dealing with Iris. During the past two months, I have talked with Electrolux/Beam, an Italian made Centec system, Duovac, and other systems salespeople with prices ranging from $8k for the Italian system to $995 for an eBay Eureka system. I can tell you it is not easy to compare one system to another or get straight honest answers from people only interested in a commission. It's enough to make a person go crazy.
Iris was straight with me.

For some reason, I was unable to get emails from Iris. She was sending them, but I was not receiving them. So after not getting any response from me, she did something few people seem to know how to do...she called me! This solved the mystery as to why I was not getting any email responses. Her persistence in getting in touch with me represents commitment. I do not want to do business with a company which won't take the time to make an extra effort, but Iris did.
Iris represents to me the best attributes a salesperson should have. I believe she was honest without being pushy or acting like a typical cut-throat salesperson. That is what sold me.

The thing I liked about your website is the comparison charts. I am typically skeptical about comparisons unless they are done by a third party like Consumer Reports, but one can not argue specs as they are what they are.
I just wanted to pass this on and make sure you know the good job Iris is doing. I'm sure this is no surprise to you, but I know it is always good to hear something good about an employee doing a great job as it reflects on the company. I think she deserves a raise or bonus. If she works on a commission basis, then in my opinion she deserves every penny!.

Anthony Mannucci